#BB10: Om Swami gets caught red handed!

Bigg Boss Ke Ghar Me Shor Hai, Om Swami Chor Hai!

In today’s episode, Manu and Manveer catch Om Swami hiding something under his pillow! They get curious about what he is up to and go to check what he is hiding. They find spoons kept under his pillow and even Manveer’s pillow! They get upset and decide to check his bag. In the bag, they find plates and spoons hidden and also Lopa’s perfume, for the second time!

They further find baskets full of cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and other things hidden behind his bag! They question him about the same, to which he replies that the spoons protect him from negative energy! He tells that he was saving the cosmetics from Priyanka! Manu and Manveer tell the housemates about his doings and everyone is wondering about his intentions. Later in the evening, Om Swami is seen crying in the bathroom area!

We are shocked to see him doing such deeds! What was he thinking when he stole these things? We are guessing, since he has fallen in the eyes of the audience due to his behavior, lying, eating nonveg and making sexist comments, he may have decided to become a cosmetics salesman once he is out of the house!(just a random guess!)