#BB11: And the WINNERS of the first group task in the house are..

The BB Farm task was contested and we provide you with the winners…

In a mere couple of days, Bigg Boss Season 11 has managed to live up to its mark and produced a lot of controversies already.

However, today the viewers will get to see what they actually love the most and that is housemates performing the tasks.

Following the tradition, Bigg Boss introduced the BB Farm task which required a set of housemates to participate in it.

First task was to keep fishes in an aquarium intact and the second one was to feed a donkey.

While, the audience will be enjoying the antics of Akash Dadlani, we reveal to you the winners of the task.

The gharwalas won both the group tasks convincingly while the padosis watched them.

Does this mean they will get a healthy luxury budget? Will they share it with the padosis? Only time will tell..