Bigg Boss Season 11 opens at the LOWEST ratings in the channel’s history!

The Monday ratings in UK hit an all time low.

Bigg Boss Season 11 went on air last weekend and given the kind of huge reality show it is, the viewers had a lot of expectations riding on it. However, looks like the show failed to live up to the expectations this time around.

While the ratings in India are yet to be received, In the UK, the show had a mere 32,000 viewers on Sunday (1st October) while it reduced to a 8,400 viewers thereby falling to an all time low in the history of the channel.

Fiction shows however, worked way better with Savitri Devi College & Hospital, Naamkarann and various others topping the charts.

What do you have to say about this? We can’t wait for the BARC ratings to come this week and see what the fate of the show turns out to be. What do you have to say? Leave your comments below.