Comedians Kunal Kamra, Sorabh Pant & Anirban Dasgupta’s quirky analysis of the budget

Mumbai, February 1, 2018: Comedians Kunal Kamra, Sorabh Pant and Anirban Dasgupta will bring out a quirky take on the Union Budget 2018-19, which is to be announced on Thursday.

The comedians have already featured in one video sharing their pre-budget expectations via financial platform

Together, they aim to bring some lightness and quirkiness to the most serious financial conversation of the year.

Commenting on who among celebrities would he discuss the budget announcement with and why, Kunal said in a statement: “I would love to discuss the Union Budget, Railway Budget with Karan Johar because he brings so much to the table in this conversation.”

“I’d like to discuss the Railway Budget with him and wait for him to say, ‘No, they can’t spend so much’.”

On the idea behind a comical take on the budget, Kunal added: “This is a great idea to simplify the budget for everyone and using comedy as a tool for this.”

“I am glad to be associated with this activity and it is a good way to get ourselves educated on the budget this time,” he concluded.