Jasleen gets bold post Anup’s reentry in the Bigg Boss house

MUMBAI: Anup Jalota recently surprised everyone when he reentered the Bigg Boss house from the secret room. He even told the contestants how they were being perceived outside. Anup also tells Jasleen that she gets influenced by others and she should play the game for herself.

In tonight’s episode, Jasleen tries to interfere in everyone’s matters and even has a big fight with Surbhi.

Jasleen blames Surbhi for smoking in the washroom after she sees ashes and notices that the place smells of cigarettes.

But there is a big twist. After creating a ruckus, she flips when the housemates discuss about. She tells everyone that she assumed that Surbhi was smoking inside the washroom.

The housemates later discuss that with the reentry of Anup in the house, Jasleen has become more bold and carefree.

It will be interesting to see how Jasleen will play the game now.