Jaswinder Kumar receives appreciation for his comic timing in Badho Bahu

Jaswinder Kumar who is currently seen in &TV’s Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up Films and Hum Tum Tele Films) is elated because of the appreciation he has been receiving for his role as Jitesh in the show.

The lad, who is also a freelance Casting Director, mentioned, “There are a lot of tracks being churned out where my character has played a significant role. I am primarily appreciated for my comic timing in the show.”

Jaswinder has been a part of various episodic shows before bagging a continuity role. Since he has been acting and casting both, tellycolors asked Jaswinder about how does each profession help him grow in his career.

The fine looking actor said, “Casting and acting, both are learning experiences. Whether it is delivering a dialogue or casting, both need strong imagination. It is only through imagination that one can put across the expression and actions on-screen. 70 percent of the industry people want to become actors and they may have the potential too. But what is important is the imagination.”

“For example, people become Assistant Directors before stepping into acting. Understanding the camera helps a person to perform better,” he added.