Kartik and Naira expose Kirti’s abusive husband Aditya in ‘Yeh Rishta’ Kya Kehlata Hai’!

And here’s how they do it.

Happiness will soon return to the Goenka family, with Naira forgiving and returning back to the family. However, this happiness will be short lived as Aditya’s true face will be exposed in front of the Goenkas.
During Kartik’s birthday celebrations, he and Naira patch up. The couple dances around happily and celebrate Kartik’s big day. But amidst all the celebrations, Naira sees Kirti going to her room and Aditya following closely behind.
Knowing Aditya’s violent temper towards his wife Kirti, Naira asks Kartik to go and check on Kirti. Aditya, who wanted Kartik and Naira to separate, gets angry because of them patching up and takes out all the frustration by assaulting Kirti.
And Kartik witnesses the same. A furious Kartik beats up Aditya black and blue and reveals his true face to the entire family.
The Goenka family will be shocked to see Aditya’s true face. As Dadi and Manish will be huge advocates to Aditya, how will they react on learning the fact that Aditya hits Kirti?