Looks like Yuvraj Thakur and Bani J have parted ways

Mumbai: Falling in love and breaking up are part and parcel of everyone’s life.

The glamorous industry is filled with lovey-dovey couples but not all the love stories lead to a fairy tale ending.

We all agree that every jodi is unique in its own way – some hide it, some refrain from PDA, while others openly admit being in a relationship. When we talk about the coolest duo Yuvraj Thakur and Bani J, the flashes that come in front of our eyes is fitness, tattoos and a carefree attitude. A popular TV couple, Bani J was last seen participating in Bigg Boss season 10 and Yuvraj Thakur was a part of ‘Girls on Top.’

Yuvraj and Bani have always been open about their love life and have happily posted some really good pictures of them on social media. Along with sharing a good bond, the two have always worked out together. They both have given major couple goals and inspired many.

However, tellycolors has noticed that strangely Yuvraj and Bani both have deleted all the pictures from their accounts. Basically if you visit their social media platforms now you won’t find any of their memories together.

Such a move from them is raising lot of questions?

Have their relationship hit the rocks? Have both of them parted ways?

To get more clarity on this we buzzed Yuvraj and Bani, but they both remained unavailable to comment.

We hope that after reading this piece of news Yuvraj and Bani clear the air soon and put all the speculations to rest.