Naagin 2: Who is the real ‘MURDERER’ of Shivayna?

Is this a new ploy to trap Shivangi?

Shivangi is fierce and is hell bent on killing each and every person involved in her mother Shivanya’s murder in Colors Naagin season 2. In fact, her sole purpose behind marrying Rocky was to seek revenge from his family.

We recently saw how she succeeded in killing Vikram by taking the form of Maheshmati and tactfully getting the ‘mani’ removed from his neck, which had been protecting him till now.

Yamini and Shesha’s fight is one of the most loved factors of this season and in the upcoming episodes, Yamini will accuse Shesha of trying to attack Vikram in her usual sarcasm. Shesha will clarify that she was with her, when Vikram was attacked and there is definitely some unknown strength in the house which is against their motive.

The show will bring in a fresh twist with the entry of a new character who will happen to know Yamaini. He will be a masked man and Yamini will introduce him as the ‘actual’ killer of Shivanya!

A source from the sets informed, “The entire family is responsible for killing Shivanya. It will be interesting to find out who is the main criminal behind Shivanya’s murder!”