After Nia Sharma, This celebrity ‘JUDGE(D)’ for her ‘CHOICE of CLOTHES…’

and she has a befitting reply!

There have been a number of instances when celebrities are pointed out for what they wear. Well, that’s understood since they are public figures! However, that doesn’t mean they have to subject to all the unnecessary judgment.

It’s not been long since Nia Sharma had to face the unfortunate slut shaming for her choice of clothes. And now, it’s popular singing reality show Rising Star judge and National Award winner Monali Thakur, who had to face pathetic comments over her styling on the show.

A female follower on Instagram went on to rant about her choice of short dresses while judging the show. It did not go down well with Monali. Just because she is mentoring the singers, she shouldn’t opt for such attires and she should rather be the mother-like figure for the ones she is mentoring.

It is extremely shocking to see such an instance coming up when a simple dress turns out to be such a huge issue. The remarkable singer that Monali is, she obviously did not take this useless piece of advice and openly expressed her disgust for such a low comment.

Monali went on to say that she can keep her fake ‘Sabhyata’ with herself and no one has the right to point out or judge what she chooses to look like or wear. On her twitter post, she also added how such people are the ones because of which the country fails (whenever it does):

Well said Monali, more power to you!