Piyush’s plans to get foiled by Kunal in Dhhai Kilo Prem

No love story is easy, and seems like Deepika’s (Anjali Anand) romantic tale will see a lot new hurdles in Dhhai Kilo Prem (Balaji Telefilms and Sandiip Sikcand).
The Star Plus afternoon hit series will see some really intriguing time ahead.
As seen so far, Piyush (Meherzan Mazda) in a bid to call off his marriage will play a dirty trick wherein the ‘damaad’ of the house Kunal (Udit Shukla) will be left insulted.
The family infuriated over the same, will decide to cancel the marriage.
It will so happen that the gift Deepika’s aunt will deliberately take out money from Kunal’s envelope- the same that they were suppose to gift Piyush and his family. Deepika who was assured by Piyush that he will handle the situation would be ditched by him, in order to leave a bad impression about them on his family.
With only a meagre amount coming out from Kunal’s envelope the family had been left shocked and embarrassed. Though Kunal had inkling that it was Piyush’s evil mind, he would be left helpless by the family’s uproar.
But the smart policeman will find a solution and decide to sort the differences between the families. He will also get them to wipe the past follies and start afresh with the marriage preparations.
Woaah! That’s a relief for us, but what about Piyush? What would he do next to call off his marriage?
We spoke to Udit but he refused to talk about the upcoming track.