What?!! Preeto ‘ACCEPTS’ Harman-Soumya’s relationship in Shakti!

Has Preeto had a change of heart?

We have seen Preeto’s hatred towards Soumya grow to an extent of kidnapping and trading her off to another country in Shakti. But her son Harman has always stood by Soumya’s side for he loves her unconditionally.

Now Harman has brought Soumya home much to Preeto’s disagreement and all the mother is thinking of is how to get rid of her ‘daughter-in-law’.

The upcoming episodes will showcase Harman making tea and breakfast for Soumya. Preeto will try brainwashing him about how he has to do so much work and cannot sleep well because of Soumya but this trick will fail as usual.

Preeto will then decide to play a trump card where she will start faking her acceptance for Soumya! During morning prayers, while all the couples in the family come forward to pray together, Harman will come alone. Preeto will push Soumya forward to pray with Harman suggesting an encouragement to their relationship.

Not only that, Preeto will also make Harman’s favourite pulav and here, she will show her colours by spiking Soumya’s food!

The war is now between Soumya, Harman, and Preeto without holding any bars! How will Harman protect Soumya from his mother?