Tapan Singh is much more than just a Romantic boy next door

Tapan Singh has shared a few key things about his new character

Tapan Singh the model and actor is back on TV with a new show. Tapan Singh who is known as Aadi from the popular portrayal on the Zee show “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke” and to some he may be known as Jaiveer which was a different side to what his earlier characters have been.

We caught Tapan in between his shoot today and found out a few key things about his new character, Tapan shares “My character is totally delusional and is hungry for power and money, I was surprised when I was offered such a role but then again that whats makes us actors! I have played negative characters and new door romantic boy too but I am always up for a challenge.”

Tapan has been vigorously training himself on many advance levels for his upcoming show where he would be seen flaunting his extremely fit body and an power hungry character on the camera.

Tapan ends by quoting “I hope this will help people understand that the shows I have done are just the characters I play on screen so I am much more to just being a romantic boy next door.”