Vlad raped me of my creativity, thoughts and feelings: Sofia Hayat

MUMBAI: After her stint with Bigg Boss, model turned actress Sofia Hayat has inevitably been in the news for all the reasons that not only shocked but also amazed the lovers of biz.

While her sudden transformation from a hottie to a nun shocked one and all, she startled everyone when she dropped her decision of ‘celibacy’ and tied the knot with Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu in an elegant ceremony, held in London.

While we are sure that the social media buffs have been drooling over ‘Ohh so hot!’ pictures of her with her beau, her latest Instagram post took the media and fans by storm when she announced that she has parted ways with Vlad and that he was a con man.

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tellycolors got in touch with the beauty exclusively to know all what transpired and Sofia let the cat out of the bag:

You have been through a series of destined changes. At first, you pronounced yourself as a nun and soon you declared your marriage to Vlad Stanescu. Why the sudden change in decision?

Life is all about changes and nature is our need. Nothing remains the same and as they say change is the beginning of something new and better. I was something and then I explored my inner self and found God. I’m Allah, Jesus, Shiva, Ganesh. I’m here to light mankind inside everyone. Vlad was a demon who came to kill my positivity. As they say – when a God is born an evil also joins. He was that evil.

How did you meet Vlad and how was he as a person?

He acted to be a gentleman; son of God. He faked his identity. That’s the reason I think his first wife left him. He is a demon who tried to capture heaven. He is a thief. He was raping me. He was in debt and he used me for what I am. I was warned to not marry him but unfortunately it happened and maybe it was written. But today, good won over bad again!

What went wrong?

We celebrated our first wedding and I did not know my tomorrow will be like this. He lied to me that he is an interior designer. He told me that he designs palaces and what not. He is a thief actually. He is bad. And he is not made to live with a goddess.

What makes you accuse him of deceit and theft?

He is. He took all my money to take himself out of his debt. He was raping me… harassing me… mentally and physically. I even lost my baby. I have thrown him out of my house.

Were you a victim of domestic violence too?

No, but yes… as we say a man tries to become god. He was demon.

One last thing you want to tell him?

I just want to tell him that be good and don’t spoil the life of other girls.

How do you plan to move on in life?

I am recovering my loss but I believe time is a great medicine. I’m cheated in love for the second time. But I’m thankful my children are supporting me. I’m the mother of everyone living.

We hope Sofia nurses her broken heart and springs back to euphoria soon!