WHAATT? Avni is NOT the ‘real’ Avni in ‘Naamkarann’??

Guess who claims to be the REAL Avni!

The level of drama and shock value is about to get maximized in Star Plus’ Naamkarann in the upcoming episodes.

While, the recent marriage between Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) has already spawned a lot of chaos, a NEW entry in the show is set to intensify the current pandemonium.

And that will be in the form of actress, Sana Amin Sheikh. Yes! That’s right. Sana will be making her return to TV after Krishnadasi went off-air last year.

Sana will be entering as someone who claims to be the ‘real’ Avni.


She will claim to be the real Avni and will have a strong evidence for the same, putting the current Avni in jeopardy.

Both the ladies will soon be at loggerheads as to who the real Avni actually is.

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