Aaliya and Zain to understand each other in Beintehaan

Beintehaan – this word reminds me of intensity, the sheer love and the crazy people involved. The show has the two leads always fighting and not respecting each other. Though they act protective of each other in tough times, and also care but don’t show it. They have high egos and that won’t let them come closer. Beintehaan is the show of Muslim background where Aaliya gets married to Zain to keep the words of her elders. Their marriage is not so happening and it is more like a compromise. They both are trying to show down each other and it is now the game of genders. We have to see who dominates whom.

The current track shows Zain and Aaliya going in the Valentine’s party. Zain is struck by Aaliya’s beauty as she wears a beautiful white saree and looks really pretty. He can’t take his eyes off her. They stop on the way to buy a flower bouquet. Zain asks Aaliya to buy it and goes to park his car. Aaliya gets surrounded by goons and just like any filmi scene and hero entry, Zain enters the scene to save Aaliya. He does not fight with the goons, instead he tells them that Aaliya is mad and has run away from mental asylum. He tells them that she is very dangerous and it will be risky if they touch her. The goons are taken aback and leave Aaliya. Aaliya hears this what Zain told and is angry on him for calling her mad.

She asks him why did he tell so. He says I have only told the truth that too to save you from the goons. They go to the party. Aaliya gels with Zain’s friends well and forms a group. Zain praises Aaliya that she speaks well to everyone and can gel with anyone. Zain talks in Marathi and calls Aaliya a fool infront of everyone. He thinks Aaliya does not know Marathi. Aaliya replies him back in Marathi and he is shocked. She tells him that she also knows Marathi and what he did was not good. They have a talk. She turns and he is about to hold her. Her blouse button gets open by him and it is her wardrobe malfunction.

Zain hugs her and tells her there is no option for him. They dance beautifully. He carefully dons the blouse button and makes it fine. She then leaves. They are announced the most beautiful couple in the valentine’s party. Shaziya takes the pic of Aaliya with her torn blouse and thinks it will be a gift to Surayya. Zain and Aaliya get the award and on stage Aaliya describes about her dream man. Zain listens to her carefully. They come back home. Shaziya shows the pic to Surayya and she calls the newspapers to publish the pic. Next morning, Aaliya sees the newspaper but does not see her pic.

Later on, Aaliya sees the pic and is shocked. She calls the newpapers office and comes to know that Zain has given it for publishing. She confronts Zain though he denies it. She says only you knew about this and only you can do this. She scolds him for falling to such level. Zain asks her to think what she want. Some guests come and see the pic.

Even Usman is shown the pic by Surayya. Usman is shocked. The guests get a wrong impression about Aaliya and says she is not right for this house and should not have married Zain. Aaliya comes and replies them well. They say she is misbehaving with them and are annoyed. Zain comes and says it was not Aaliya’s mistake, it was his mistake. He supports Aaliya infront of everyone. Usman is happy. Surayya tells Usman about the rift between Zain and Aaliya. Usman thanks her for informing this to him. He books a honeymoon suite for Zain and Aaliya. Zain is happy but Aaliya gets worried. Zain talks to her romantically and asks her to get ready for her honeymoon.

They reach the honeymoon suite. Zain gifts her a sexy nightie. He asks her to wear it but she refuses. He looks in to her eyes romantically and gets closer. He takes Aaliya’s tensed face pic and says I will keep this as a screensaver. Aaliya then makes Zain tense by hiding in the room while he looks around for her everywhere. She takes his pic and says I will keep this as a screensaver. They start fighting. Usman asks Aaliya to convince Zain to come to office. Aaliya tries hard and convinces Zain. Zain tells Usman that he will come to office from tomorrow. Usman is happy. Surayya is shocked that Zain is listening to Aaliya. What will Surayya do now to make the separate? Will Aaliya and Zain fall in love? Keep reading.