This actress got OUSTED from her show without being NOTIFIED?

Her loss has become another actress’ gain.

Recently the news about actress Delnaaz Irani returning to ‘Akbar Birbal’ hit the web. While it seemed all happy and great about the actress returning to the show, it doesn’t seem to have gone down well with actress Pragati Mehra who was enacting the role till now.

Yes! That’s right. Delnaaz’s re-entry into the show has led to Pragati’s ‘unceremonious’ exit. According to an entertainment portal, Pragati wasn’t notified about the replacement, as she was unwell and hospitalized for a week. It is being said that the actress did not receive an official notice about the replacement and has taken the issue to Cine and TV Artistes Association (CINTAA).

On the contrary, the producer of the show, Nikhil Sinha said that he had no idea about how did the issue become this big. He mentioned about Pragati being unhappy with her role in the show and wanting to leave. And while this was a concern for them, he also added that everyone on the set was aware about Delnaaz replacing Pragati including Pragati herself.

We went down the vault and discovered a similar piece of news where actress Mita Vashisht, too, was unceremoniously ousted from the show-

We tried contacting Pragati and Delnaaz multiple times, however, they remained unavailable.