Anandi gives birth to twins in Balika Vadhu

Anandi is proud to see Shiv getting the honor. Chief Minister addresses to the people and remembers Shiv. He praises Shiv and says he was honest, great and a leader. He sacrificed his life for the nation. Home Minister says Govt has decided to honour Shiv with the prestigious Rajastan Ratna Award and asks his family to come and take the award. nandi holds Amol’s hand and go on the stage. Anandi tells that she can understand the pain of a soldier’s wife. She tells that she wasn’t scared when she asked Shiv to go. Anandi says she has to accept this bitter truth and she gets labor pains. She asks every woman to gather to help Anandi deliver her kids. The ladies ask Anandi to take a heavy breath. Anandi is in pain.

Amol worries for Anandi. Anandi deliver her twins. Anandi looks at her babies with happiness. She says Shiv has come. Daddu says we have to inform Kalyani ji. He calls Dadisaa and informs her about Anandi getting blessed with a boy and girl. Everyone get happy and congrats Dadisaa. Anandi feels his presence and thanks him. She says we miss you very much. She says they don’t have your memories. They have to spend their lives seeing your pic. Daddu gets pain to hear that. Dadisaa talk to the Principal and says they don’t have to sing. He says you can do any other thing. Dadisaa says drama. The Principal asks Dadisaa not to let him down. Amol plays with his siblings. Anandi asks him to do the home work.

Dadisaa tells Jagya about choosing drama over singing. She gets worried and wonders what to do now. Daddu says one thing is sure, these babies have Shiv’s qualities and Anandi’s intelligence. Anandi gets teary eyed and looks at Shiv’s photo. Alok blesses the babies. Anoop brings gold bracelets for the babies and says he is their grandfather. Dadisaa asks have you decided about the kids’ names. Anandi says Shiv had decided before his death, Shivam and Nandini. Dadisaa gets happy hearing their names and says you shall keep these names. Dadisaa tells her friends about the play.

Nandu comes and gives the script of the play saying Niranjan gave it. Dadisaa tells her friends that Nandu’s father will help us enact the play. Her friend says who will take up the role of Panna Tai. Nandu asks her to become Panna Tai. Anandi gets a call from orphanage and gets worried. She goes there to find out. The warden asks Anandi, do you think that parents have the first authority on children. Anandi says yes. A couple comes there. Warden introduces them as Amol’s biological parents. She says they want to take Amol back with them. Anandi gets shocked. Later on, Daddu tells Anandi that they are claiming to be Amol’s parents.

Anandi says they are lying and scolds them for coming to her house. Anandi hugs Amol and gets possessive. Daddu comes downstairs with Anandi. Anandi says no one can separate me and my love from Amol. She says her love for Amol will never be less from her heart. She says he is my twin babies’ elder brother. She says Amol is my son, only mine. Amol’s real mother pleads to Anandi to let go Amol with them. Dadisaa practices the Panna Tai’s play. Jagya asks her to read the dialogues properly. She says she has to go to Udaipur tomorrow.

Amol’s father tells them how he has lost Amol in a fair. He thanks Anandi for adopting Anandi even after knowing that he is handicapped boy. Now he got fine because of your care. Amol’s parents request her to return their Raju. Anandi is shocked and teary eyed. Anandi reminds Amol that they brought him from the orphanage. Subhadra tells Amol that the couple is his real parents. They start kissing Amol and hug him. Amol asks them to leave him. He questions Anandi. She says they are your parents. She asks him to go with him. Amol refuses and hugs her saying you are my mother and no one else. Anandi cries.

Anandi explains to Amol that his parents waited for him since 10 years. Amol says this is my family. Anandi says we all love you and will always love you. She says you have responsibility towards your parents. Amol cries. She asks him to think about his parents. Amol says how will I stay without you. Anandi says whenever you need me, I will come to you. Amol’s mother says he was our son, but now we have realized that he is your son now. I can’t separate a child from his mother. She says I would not have given love like you. She says our Raju is very lucky to have Yashoda in his life. Amol’s parents say they will leave. Anandi invites them for her children naming ceremony.

Amol’s father says if we come again, then we may change our decision. Amol’s mother says we will come later to know about his studies and to see how he is feeling you proud. Dadisaa thinks about Nandu and Jagya asking her to read the lines carefully. She thinks about her seniors laughing on her. Alok and Anoop still have differences and the family gets worried. What will Anandi do to end their differences? Keep reading.