Anshuman, Aryaman and Ayaan meet with an accident; Suman kidnaps Pakhi in Tumhari Pakhi

Anuja asks Anshuman not to trust Aryaman else she will not stay in his house. Anshuman apologizes to her. Ayaan says everyione are being role model, and you are my role model, you are best father, son, husband, businessman and best human being. Anshuman hugs him. Ayaan says Anshuman that you are my role model, you are best father, son, husband, businessman and best human being. Anshuman hugs him. Pakhi asks Anshuman what happened. He says Ayaan said perfect son, I have hurt mum’s heart. She asks did you try sorry. He says a lot, but she is upset. She says I have an idea. She tells in his ears.

He says you are so good, beautiful, good heart, perfect, if we have a daughter, I would have send her as Pakhi. He says Ayaan is big now and don’t you think we should have a little daughter, little Pakhi. He gets naughty and she runs laughing. Aryaman says your son will be kidnapped today and goes to Ayaan’s school dressed like Anshuman and removes his moustache too. Anuja and Pakhi keep the Holi fast for their children and call up Lavanya to join. Aryaman comes to take Ayaan from school and shows the ID card.

He gets him and leaves in a taxi and brings him to the point where Sandeep will come and kidnap him. Anshuman gets Aryaman’s test reports and is shocked to see his blood group different. He calls the lab and confirms it. Anshuman thinks to tell this to Pakhi but can’t, as Anuja takes the call and puts it on speaker. The principal calls Anshuman and says you took Ayaan. Anshuman understands its Aryaman’s plan and rushes to find Ayaan. He gets angry and says he always wanted to be around him, how will I solve this, he came in this house to kidnap Ayaan, how to find him.

He calls Pakhi and leaves a voicemail. He says Aryaman picked up Ayaan as Anshuman Rathore, he wanted to kidnap Ayaan, he took the key to get visitor card, I feel he is not my brother. . Ayaan says we should keep fasts for our mum. Aryaman says I don’t know whats mum. Ayaan says his past life and then he got Pakhi as his mum. He says Dadi loves you a lot. Aryaman says fine, we will go home. Sandeep comes and wants to take Ayaan. Aryaman and Sandeep have a fight. Aryaman gets beaten up by the goons. Anshuman comes there and Aryaman asks him to take Ayaan to leave. Anshuman leaves, but Ayaan tells him how Aryaman saved him from the goons, we should help him.

Anshuman goes back and saves Aryaman. They leave in the care and the goons follow them. They hit their car and it rolls, as the accident happens. Anshuman and Aryaman get very critical and are rushed to the hospital. While Ayaan has minor injuries, but a mental shock by the accident. The ladies do the puja at home. All the mums think about their children and pray for them. Anuja worries. Pakhi says don’t worry, he will come, as he knows you kept a fast for him, they both worry for us a lot. A man comes and says Anshuman sent something for you. He said its urgent make and should be delivered today. He leaves.

Pakhi opens it and sees a beautiful kamarbandh. Anuja says so, he was busy in this. Pakhi smiles touching it. She gets a letter in that box saying he loves her a lot. She thinks of their first meeting and their journey ill now. Anuja blesses her to be always Suhagan and Ayaan and them to be happy always. Pakhi asks her to forgive Anshuman, as he loves her a lot, he will be happy. The inspector calls Suman and asks do you know whose call is this, the man met with an accident, come fast, he is critical. Suman is Aryaman’s girlfriend, who asked him to kidnap Ayaan. She runs to see him at the hospital. Anshuman calls Pakhi in the operation theatre.

Suman thinks it’s a big issue here, what he could not do, I have to do it now.She comes to Anshuman’s house by acting like charity organization member. She brings two goons with her and she kidnaps Pakhi, as she was resting in her room being tired and hungry. Bhaisa and Bhabhimaa come to meet Pakhi and are worried seeing her not in the room. Everyone start worrying and feel this is strange. Who will save Pakhi now? Will Anshuman and Aryaman die? Keep reading.

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