Anuja conspires to fail Pakhi in making Riya accept Veer as her father in Tumhari Pakhi

Pakhi and Veer start having a bond of trust between them. She says I understand your sacrifice for love and you agreed to become Ayaan’s father, you can’t be bad. Riya says she will make every day hell for Veer, don’t worry, he won’t make me tell he is best father, I will take revenge and I m doing your work. Riya says she said yes as Girish is on Veer’s side, I don’t care who wins, I want to be with Girish, I know my love will win in just 30 days. Veer says I tried hard but could not make trust in Riya’s heart, she hates me and this challenge won’t be easy. He says friends and forwards his hand.

She smiles and shakes hand saying friends. He says I owe you for this, I will not forget this favor. She says for keeping our kids with us, Riya will trust and love you, and even Ayaan will be with me. Lavanya asks Anuja not to worry, as Riya will not support Veer, Pakhi can’t change Riya. Anuja says you are a fool, Pakhi won Ayaan and Anshuman’s heart, she made you support her too. She says even Veer is supporting her now, she will bring Riya near Veer. Lavanya says no, its impossible, if Pakhi wants to prove Veer is a good father, she should go with Veer. Girish comes to pick Riya and asks her why does she hate Veer.

He holds her hand and she holds his hand as he moves away. She thanks him for understanding her. Pakhi cooks many dishes to make Riya happy. Veer comes in kitchen to help her. She thanks him for understanding her. Pakhi falls on Veer. Riya comes and sees them. Pakhi sees a nightie and angry as Veer gifted it. Veer gifted something else and asks her to wear it as they have to start it some day. She gets annoyed being mistaken. Veer gifts everyone some special gifts. Riya acts good to Veer infront of Girish to impress him. Veer is turned away reading the book. Pakhi gets irked seeing the nightie. She asks did he get this, so I will need this at night, I became his friend and he did this.

He says yes, I got it from searching a lot, I thought it will look good on you, do you like it. She shows him the dress and says she does not wear such things. He is shocked. He says no way, how did this come, I did not bring this. She says right, you are talking about this, He says I got Kashmiri Kadai suit. She says yes, it changed into nightie. He says maybe shopkeeper packed it. They start arguing. Riya comes and asks do you like my gift. Riya scolds Pakhi for marrying in six months for Anshuman’s death.

She taunts Veer for not marrying, as he did not get a hot wife before. She says you both married to get physical, so stop acting now. Anuja says she will make Ayaan and Riya hate each other. Ayaan asks Riya to leave her room and throws things. Anuja says I will write their fate and smiles. Ayaan and Riya have an argument, Anuja fills Ayaan’s ears against Riya. Pakhi says Riya worked with Lavanya, and was busy, now she goes to college and stays free. She says she is energetic and I want to keep her mind in good work, she will get positive if she stays busy. Girish says yes, I saw her designs, impressive. She says fine, we will encourage her. He says good idea, Lavanya is keeping exhibition for his clients, I will ask her to allow Riya too.

Ayaan and Riya fight for Ipad. The ipad falls and breaks. Ayaan gets angry seeing it broken. Pakhi comes to Riya and tries to make her work on her designs and make her busy, She says Veer will help you and buy the ipad for Ayaan. She says you don’t earn anything, as you go college, you don’t have any job. Riya says she will get the ipad and don’t want Veer’s help. Pakhi uses reverse psychology and smiles. Riya says she will take part in the exhibiton, and will prove everyone wrong. Pakhi says thanks Girish, this work is done. Veer talks to some men at the office. He asks them to repair the tablet but the body should be original.

Pakhi comes and says new is coming. Veer says no, Anshuman gifted Ayaan, so we will get it repaired. She says Riya said she will buy a new one. He says how. She says Riya agreed to take part and showcase the shoe designs. She says I asked to go east and she went west. He says I think we should celebrate, tell me what to do. She says not now. He says something like Golgappa. They have a competition and Pakhi wins. Veer smiles seeing her live life for herself. Anuja smiles seeing them. She says I wanted this that you get busy in your life, that I take Ayaan from you and you don’t know it. What will Anuja do to fail Pakhi in 30 day challenge? Keep reading.

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