Bua ji takes Soham’s property back from Balbir and Raymon; She fixes Kookie’s marriage with Vicky shocking Guggie in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Soham gets his memory back seeing Rajji getting married to Parmeet. He faints and the doctor checks him. Soham wakes up and asks him to call his wife Rajji. Rajji gets happy and runs to hug him. Everyone is happy seeing them. Simran says Rajji did not lose hope, she made impossible possible by bringing her suhaag back. Rajji says I did this with Bani’s support. Rajji tells everything to Soham how Bani has supported her. She says Parmeet has told me that Soham can get memory back if we show him as we are marrying. Guggie says yes Parmeet has helped us a lot. Everyone praise Parmeet and think he has really changed. Bani hears them. Bani goes to meet Parmeet. She thanks him for this great effort to being Soham and Rajji’s happiness back.

Parmeet says I will get your love, if mum was alive today, she would also want this that I accept you by heart and marry you again, atleast for mum’s sake, marry me, I can’t live without you, I want to be with you, please marry me. Bani is shocked hearing this. Parmeet thinks she won’t agree and starts leaving. Bani stops him. She says I want to give you one more chance. He promises her that he will not let her decision become wrong. She says you won my trust. They get married on the same night and come home. They tell everyone that they got married again. Everyone get happy for them. Rajji says I m sorry Parmeet, you did all this to get Soham’s memory back and I misunderstood you, I got my life back, thanks.

Bua ji comes back and is happy seeing Soham. She gets worried knowing Soham meeting with an accident and losing his memory. Rajji tells her that Soham is fine now and he got his memory back. Bua ji gets happy and hugs Soham. Randeep gets his ex girlfriend Natasha’s call who asks him to come and meet her. Randeep scolds her and tells her that he is happy with his family and does not need her now. Bani and Gagan hear this and feel Randeep has really changed. Parmeet says you mean they want to unite. Bani says yes, she has forgiven him, but her past is making her afraid. She says she wants to live her dreams with her husband. Parmeet says I think they should get a moment which can unite them and we will create it for them.

Bua ji tells everyone that she has chosen a guy for Kookie. Everyone is shocked. Everyone talk to Bua ji and tell her that Guggie and Kookie love each other. Bua ji gets offended and talks to Guggie. She tells him that he does not earn anything, to make Kookie marry her, how will he take care of his expenses after marriage. Bua ji talks to Kookie and tells her that she has to marry whom she says, as she believes for the best for her. Kookie agrees to forget Guggie and he cries. He leaves the home not even listening to Soham. Raymon and Balbir come back home laughing talking about Parmeet and Rajji, and about Soham’s weakness. They think to blackmail Rajji again about Soham.

Balbir says everyone has hidden the truth from you about your past. Raymon says your wife has cheated you. Soham says I know everything, so we don’t need you. Soham says you are the shock to me, you are my father and its bitter truth. Soham says I got my memory back. Bua ji scolds them and asks them to return the property papers else she will send them to jail. Raymon gets scared and gives back the papers. Rajji calls Bani and tells her everything. Bani says let them come here, I will not let them enter my house.

Bani insults Raymon and Balbir. She says you have tortured Rajji, cheated Soham and everyone. Bani says I m not weak like before, I made this house a temple and I don’t want bad people like you here. Balbir holds her hand and pushes her to the wall. Parmeet comes and holds her. Parmeet says how dare you treat my wife like this. Randeep says get out, else I will break this hand. He says we have blood relation so I m leaving you, remember don’t see my family again, else I will kill you.

Kuldeep says you will get your tickets, pack your bag and out. Balbir and Raymon leave the Bhullar house. Bani is happy and talks to Gagan that Raymon and Balbir have gone. They go to make dinner. Parmeet says no need to cook tonight, we have planned a special dinner for you two. Soham talks to Rajji about Kookie and Guggie. Soham says we will not let their love relation break. What will Soham and Rajji do to make Kookie and Guggie get married? Keep reading.