Chidiya Ghar

Chidiya Ghar Watch Online is a house named after Mrs. Chidiya Kesari Narayan, late wife of retired principal, Shri Kesari Narayan. The story is about Kesari, his two sons, Ghotak and Gomukh, their respective wives, Koyal and Mayuri, younger son Kapi, grandchildren Gillu, Gajgamini and Chitti, daughter Maina, son-in-law Totaram, sister Billo, servant Gadha Prasad, his wife Nagin and brother Mendak Prasad. Their names resemble animals as is the case of every individual bearing some animal’s characteristic.
Chidiya Ghar’ is no zoo but a house named after Late Mrs. Chidiya Narayan, wife of retired principal, Shri Kesari Narayan. The story is about Kesari his two sons, Gomukh and Ghotak, their respective wives, Mayuri and Koel, younger son Kapi, grandchildren Gillu and Gaj, daughter Maina and Son in law Tota. Coincidentally their names resemble animals as is the case of every individual bearing some or the other animal’s characteristic.

There are some who’re restless like monkeys and then there are others who’d have an appetite like elephants; some would be swift as a horse and then there’d be some as slow as a donkey. The journey from a four legged creature to a two legged one inculcating basics of human values like love, respect for others, patience and the true meaning of a family and togetherness is what makes us humans. This show showcases the very journey.

Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary Role:Mayuri Narayan
Gomukh”s wife. Mauri loves to dance. Shes learnt everything from Kuchipudi to Kathakali. Her gestures thus are highly affected by the same. She thinks of herself as the most beautiful woman she has ever come across. She has the upper hand in her marriage with Gomukh & loves to hear praises from him.

Sumit Arora Role:Gaumukh Narayan
Elder brother. Gaumukh is an English teacher in a Hindi Medium School. As the name suggests, hes as simple as a cow. Hes the one who buys the vegetables, milk etc for the entire family. A strict teacher, he never forgets to even punctuate the sentences that he speaks. A loyal husband, he never forgets to praise his wife at least ten times a day.

Rajendra Gupta Role:Kesari Narayan
Babu ji. The meaning of Kesri is Lion. A man of principals, Babu Ji too roars like a lion and thats a sign for everyone in the house to quieten up. Hes usually found talking to the portrait of his wife and listening to Mukeshs hits. He gets confused very easily and his trials to keep everyone happy in the house makes him a very endearing character.

Paresh Ganatra Role:Ghotak Narayan
Middle Brother. Ghotak is a Ticket Collector with the railways. Hes with the railways for almost 10 years now and has adapted to living in the train to such an extent that hes converted his bed into a train berth with a chain hanging over his head, a fan that works only when pushed with a comb, safety messages written all over and a iron barred window from where his wife Koel calls for him.

Shilpa Shinde Role:EX – Koel Narayan
Ghotak”s wife. Ghotaks wife is a self claimed singer and has a habit of talking in the style of singing. You may only see her singing well when theres a song already playing in the background. Hailing from a rich house, she considers herself better in the sense of mannerism than Mayuri.