Do Dil Ek Jaan

Do Dil… Ek Jaan is an Indian television soap opera, which premiered on 3 June 2013 with a one-hour special episode. It airs on Life OK Mondays through Fridays. It is a action romance story of a Kashmiri young woman Antara (Nikita Sharma) who moves to Mumbai with her family and falls in love with a goon Raghu (Ayaz Ahmed). The official theme song is Mera Mahi Tu sung by Saurabh Kalsi, which is based on Punjabi folk tunes.

The story starts with a girl named Antara living in Kashmir with her family. Her life takes a turn when her father Ashok Kaul dies because of a terrorist blast as a result of which her mother loses her mind. For her mother to forget memories and to become normal, they moved to Mumbai to live with her maternal uncle, where she meets Raghu, a gangster and whose mother owns the township. When the both of them met o they hated each other and Antara did not get scared of Raghu like everyone else did. There was allways a problem between them, but gradually, Raghu and Antara formed a friendship through various other minor events, which usually involved Raghu helping Antara in times such as, taking her mother to the hospital for check-up and then giving her a job as Caretaker of his Aaji who was the mother of Daya Mayi.

Later Antara came to know about Raghu’s past, that hes real mother died because of illnes when he was a little kid, and there was no one who helped him when he was begging for help. In that stormy night, Raghu became a orphan, but soon Daya mayi found him and took him home and raised him and became his God mother. When she learned about his past, she felt sorry for him and stopped fighting with him. As the story progressed, Raghu and Antara began to start caring for each other. Antara found solace in Raghu and was able to share her sorrows towards the loss of her father. On the other hand, Raghu shared about his past and supported Antara to move ahead in life by expressing her pain and telling her that he will always be there for her.

When theire friendship was turning into a very strong bond and they have started to realise their feelings for each other subconsciously, the major twist in the show has arrived, in the name of Daya Mayi. She returned from her time in jail and already took a disliking to Antara when she saw her, who made minor mistakes in front of her. Raghu worshiped Daya Mai and did as he was told, but recently he started to question the minor orders that Daya Mai gived him due to the influence of Antara. He was doing it subconsciously without realising why. This causes Daya Mai to fire Antara from her job as the aretaker and she maked the decision of sending Aaji to her village, sending Raghu as well to drop her off and then come back after a day.

Aman who was the one involved in Ashok Kaul’s death planned to tell Raghu that he also was involved the case in the bomb blast as there was a packet that Raghu got from Aman who told him to give it to the guy’s who killed Ashok, but Raghu was unnaware of that. He wanted to tell him by writing everything in a letter to give it to him. Daya Mayi at the same time planned to get rid of Antara as she felt that Antara was a weakness for Raghu and a threat for her losing him. When everyone in the Kaul house except Ishaan leaved to go out, Manohar based on Daya Mayis’ orders calls ‘pest control’ and deliberately smoked the Kaul house to kill Antara and her family. Ishaan began to cough and called Antara but collapsed. Antara called Raghu for help and they took Ishaan to the hospital. Raghu calmed Antara down and promised not leave her side.

Ishaan made Antara realise Raghu’s importance and caring for for her which ended by Antara realising that she had fallen in love with Raghu. Daya Mayi found the letter Aman wrote to Raghu as it drop out of Raghus shirt pocket. Antara at the same time was confused about how to tell Raghu that she loved him. Raghu also realised that he loved Antara and the both of them eventually confessed their love for each other.