Divya and Drishti to don NEW avatar for THIS reason

Divya Drishti is one of the most watched supernatural shows. The soap, which airs on Star Plus, has kept the audience hooked to the TV screens with its gripping plot.

Recently, there were reports about the series going off-air. However, it has now received an extension until December. The on-going track is currently high on drama after Shikhar turned into a Monkey man. The monstrous man wreaked havoc for Divya-Drishti and the entire family. However, in the last episode, Divya and Shikhar came face to face for a fight and she had to kill him. The episode was indeed heart-breaking for all Shivya fans as Shikhar’s stint in the show ended.

Now, Divya and Drishti will fight against Pishachini in an under-construction building and in an attempt to save the Kaal Vijay Ratna, they will blast the bombs setting the entire building on fire. Pishachini will lose all her gems, Divya-Drishti will die while Rakshit will slip into a coma. According to India Forums’ sources, Divya Drishti will rise again and make a comeback in a different look while Pishachini and everyone else will remain under the impression that the sisters died in the blast. The sisters will disguise as a village couple.

Take a look below: