Gauhar claims Rizwan to be father of her child and stops his engagement with Aayath in Beintehaa

Nafisa comes to Bhopal with Aaliya, Zain and Rizwan. She talks to Shabana and tells her how Aaliya got saved in the cylinder blast. Shabana gets shocked knowing it. Zain and Aaliya have some romantic moments. Aaliya prays shrine Kwaja Saheb to cure Usman soon. Zain says we both will pray for us togehter and they pray for their love. Nafisa provokes Shabana to call Surayya and ask about gas blast. She calls Surayya and asks about it. Surayya angrily asks what else did your daughter tell. Shabana says a mother has a total right to ask about her daugther’s well being. Surayya gets annoyed and says it is Aaliya’s mistake that she did not smell gas leak. Nafisa fills Shabana’s ears further.

Shabana shockingly hears all the incidents and gets sad for her daughter. She says Usman used to control Surayya, but now with his illness, Surayya is free to play her games. She says Surayya forcefully let Fahad marry Shaziya as she could not bear a boy and says she may even force Zain for a second marriage. Shabana gets worried hearing that. Fahad informs Shaziya about Rizwan and Aayath’s engagement in Barkath Villa.Shabana is happy seeing Aaliya fine and asks her about the gas blast. Aaliya says she did not tell her as she would worry. Zain and Aaliya reach Barkath Villa back. Aaliya asks if Surayya will allow Aayath and Rizwan’s engagement here.Zain says he will manage everything.

Surayya hears them and agrees. Aaliya reaches Rehan’s house and says she came to a wrong address searching for a Unani doctor. Rehan says she has come to the right place, he is his abbu and asks her to come in. Rehan says she is Barkath group’s Usman Abdullah’s daughter-in-law and has come here as Usman has got paralysis now. Doc says he sees only poor people. Rehan insists him to check up once as he believes Zain as his brother. Surayya calls a specialist from Spain who checks Usman and says he will be alright, miracle do happen, to keep faith in god. Aaliya brings the Unani doctor and asks Surayya if she can make him cure Usman. Surayya scolds her and says she cannot allow this cheap doctor to experiment on her husband. Nafisa thinks this is the right time to call Shabana and make her listen how Surayya is scolding Aaliya.

She calls Shabana and let her hear Surayya scolding Aaliya. Zain says mom is right, she will decide who will treat dad. Shabana feels bad. Aaliya apologizes to the doctor uncle. He says he saw Usman, knows his problem and can prescribe him medicines, but does not know what to prescribe rest of her family. Shaziya gives 15 lakhs cheque to Chakkiwala and informs that Surayya wants to cater him Aayath and Rizwan’s engagement party. Chakkiwala says Surayya is very wicked and clever and knows how to separate Zain and Aaliya. Zain asks Aaliya why did not she inform him about Unani doc before. Badi phuphi informs Ghulam that Surayya was mastermind behind Zubair’s plan and shows the Rs 25 lakhs cheque.

Aaliya comes to make doctor uncle Grumpy happy. A pregnant lady comes down with medicine bottles. Aaliya is shocked to see that the lady is Shaziya’s sister Gauhar. Gauhar says Shaziya will think I called you to inform about my pregnancy and will get angry, so she does not want and asks Aaliya to promise not to inform about her.Ghulam and Shabana come to Zain’s house. Nafisa comes with Fahad and says she went out to buy engagement ring and has arranged everything. Zain comes and says he wants to marry her again. Aaliya says he did not even want to engage. He says he did not know what he was running against, now he will fulfill his dreams via Rizwan and Aayath’s engagement and marriage.

Aaliya apologizes Zain for hiding about unani treatment and Gauhar to him. Aaliya enters Usman’s room hiding from Surayya. She says Usman that with these medicine, he will get cured, hope nobody knows about it until he gets cured. She feeds him medicine. Aayath and Aaliya start selecting clothes for engagement. Aayath selects a dress which Aaliya does not like and shows her selection.Aaliya refuses to buy the dress which Zain chooses and he gets annoyed. She then buys that dress to keep Zain happy. The engagement function starts. Zain sees Aaliya coming wearing his gifted dress and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Fahad requests Aayath and Rizwan to come forward for their engagement.

Gauhar comes and is shocked to see Rizwan with Aayath, starts crying, and says Rizwan is the father of her child. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Surayya and Shaziya smirk seeing their plan getting successful. Rizwan asks what rubbish she is talking and says Aayath that Aaliya is telling lie. Nafisa asks Gauhar to stop her drama and get out from here. Aaliya says if she is telling truth, Rizwan has to marry her instead of Aayath.Zain supports Rizwan and Aaliya asks him to stay out of this matter, as its about her sister’s life. What will Rizwan do to prove himself innocent? Keep reading.