Gokuldhaam celebrates Holi arranged by Sundar; Sodhi to keep men’s party in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Everyone are upset in the society thinking they won’t be able to play holi this year. Bhide calls for an urgent meeting and tells everyone that they can’t play holi this year because of some reasons. Everyone ask him why. Bhide tells him about no cleaners in the society on that day and no water supply which is the biggest problem. He says what will everyone do, how will we take bath after playing holi, how will we clean the compound without water. Lastly he says about the mixing in colors and that colors are not safe to play with.

Tappu sena is very upset but can’t help him. Bhide says if Tappu sena does not listen to him, then may be they will get ill and miss the chance to attend their exams. Everyone are worried and agree with Bhide thinking exams are important than having fun as it is about their bright future. Everyone tell Bhide that no one will play holi this year. But from their hearts, they all want to celebrate holi. Dayaben gets Sundar’s call on Holi day. Sundar wishes her happy holi and asks about the society’s plan. Dayaben tells him that they are not celebrating Holi for some reasons and tells him everything.

Sundar asks her not to worry and sends good colors, water barrels with Nattu Kaka and Baaga. Everyone are delighted to see that and thanks the one who has arranged all this. Jethalal is the first to play holi. Everyone join him and all of them play good holi and have a colorful dance. Dayaben tells Jethalal that Sundar has done all this. Jethalal then thinks that may be he has to pay for it, but tell her that sundra has done a good thing which no one in the society thought of. Everyone are thankful to sundar for his good gesture.

They play holi non stop and are satisfied by heart. The holi day ends and everyone resumes their routine life. Jethalal catches cold and Dayaben makes kada for him. He asks for a strong tea, but Babuji scolds him and asks him to silently have the kada. Jethalal drinks it. Anjali comes to see Jethalal and makes another powerful kada for him. Jethalal panics thinking how to avoid it. Anjali makes him drink it by forcing him. She asks him to take rest and he will be fine soon. Jethalal sleeps and when he gets up, he feels refreshed and thinks all this happened because of Anjali’s kada, he is thankful to her.

Sodhi gets a big order in his garage and his salary increases. Everyone are happy when Roshan and Gogi give this news to everyone. They ask them for a party. Sodhi secretly plans a surprise party only for men and asks Popatlal to inform the men about it. Popatlal asks everyone to lie at home and not tell their wives about the party. Everyone makes excuses to their wives. Jethalal tells Dayaben that his friend’s father has died and he has to go in his funeral. Dayaben believes him and asks him to go. Jethalal tells her he will be late as the function will start late at night.

Babuji thinks what type of funeral is it. Jethalal covers up smartly. Bhide lies to Madhavi saying he has to meet his student’s father and talk about his progress. Madhavi also permits him to go. Bhide tells her that he will be having dinner at their home and will come late. Taarak tells Anjali that he has a meeting with his boss for his promotion talk. Anjali is happy and asks him to go and be positive and also bring good news with him. Iyer tells Babita that he has to do an experiment in bats and it can happen only at night.

He tells her that he will be late. Dr. Haathi lies to Komal that he has to see a patient at his home and its an emergency. Komal permits him to go. Their wives does not doubt on them. The women meet at Dayaben’s house and shares that their husbands are busy and going out at night. They think how can all of them have to go out on the same day. They think are they fooling them and going for a party. What will happen now? Will the women catch the men’s lie? Stay tuned to the super comical show Taarak Mehta Ka Olltah Chashmah.