‘Gorilla’ creates pandemonium the sets of Thapki…Pyaar Ki

How will Thapki save herself and her family?

After supernatural, the next big prop to raise the TRP bars in shows is featuring animals!

We have seen humans transforming into the weirdest creatures, from snakes to mongoose to peacocks and the protagonist Simar turning into a daredevil fly has topped the level of ridiculousness. With television witnessing a steep drop in the way the content is presented, we have an entry of yet another animal that will rule the upcoming track of Thapki…Pyaar Ki on Colors.

The future track will showcase Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) visiting the zoo along with her family and will stumble upon a Gorilla’s cage for a sightseeing. On not spotting the animal there, irked visitors will start throwing stones and banging the cage. Hearing the commotion, Thapki will try stopping them but a gorilla will storm out of his hidden comfort and will grab a visitor’s hand. While the guards and others try to protect the man, the gorilla will make a way out of the cage and will run after the tourists to cause harm to them.

A source from the sets informs, “This ‘gorilla track’ will turn into a nightmare for Thapki as the Gorilla will primarily want to attack Thapki! What would be interesting to watch is how will Thapki protect herself and her family from the dangerous zoo animal!”

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