#HappyBdayHina: The different MOODS that Hina Khan aka Akshara NAILED!

She has truly been an expression queen..

When she entered the TV industry seven years ago, very few would have expected her to become the star she is today. We are talking about the one and only, Hina Khan. Hina made her debut with ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ as the adorable and family oriented Akshara. And its been seven years now where she continues to rule millions of hearts.

The actress completes 29 years of age today and she certainly keeps getting more beautiful with every passing day. On the eve of her birthday, we list down the different moods of Akshara, where Hina as an actress totally NAILED it.

She is probably the happiest being with her love, Naitik… giving an all-teeth smile

But then watching her loved one on the hospital bed, those tears just didn’t stop

When she was informed that Naitik will no longer be around, she went like ‘What The Hell?’

Also asking ‘Are You Serious?’

But Good News! Naitik is BACK and she is shocked…!!

She couldn’t help but feel OH MY GOD (OMG)..!

She exclaimed ‘I Told You So’, my Naitik will be back.

Ecstatic about Naitik being back, she blows a kiss to her love..

And to all those who didn’t believe me…

And finally a special POUT for all the fans..who did believe.

She is truly the queen of expressions, isn’t she? Wish your favorite actress, a very Happy Birthday..Leave in your comments below.