Het Singh gets a tight slap by Dadisaa and loses to Jagya in Balika Vadhu

Het Singh sees Jagya giving the speech infront of the villagers and people cheering for him. He leaves in anger thinking he will not leave Jagya for going against him. Jagya tells the villagers that he entered politics only to do something for them, be their leader and fight for their right, he is not greedy and will face the vendors and make the farmers get right price for their harvest. Everyone clap for him. Dadisaa tells everyone that Jagya wants to help all of them, if they don’t believe him, then they will take back the nomination. Everyone support Jagya and Dadisaa is very happy.

Subhadra talks to Daddu and says how she married Dipendra against her family wishes and how he cheated her by having an affair with someone else. Later on, he married the other woman and left her and her son. She says she gave good values to her son and eventually he also left her. She cries and says the mistake she did in her past is making her present ugly. Daddu says you would have come to us, we all love you and would have accepted you. Subhadra says I came but I got late. Daddu asks her to stay happy.

Anandi tells Shiv to take care of Amol while she goes to Jaitsar to campaign for Jagya. Shiv agrees and they tell each other that they won’t get sleep without each other. They have a romantic eyelock. Subhadra asks Anandi where is she going. Anandi says she is going to campaign for Jagya. Subhadra asks is he her brother. Anandi is shocked. Daddu asks Anandi not to reply and leave. Anandi comes to Jaitsar and joins Jagya in his campaign. She tells the villagers that this village was always mine. She asks them to support Jagya as he is working for them and will always take the right decision for them.

Het Singh and his supporters come there. Het Singh speaks against Jagya’s characters and turns the villagers against him. He tells that Jagya and Anandi have a relation despite getting married to other people. Jagya and Anandi are shocked. Anandi clears everyone’s mind by telling about their child marriage which failed and now they are happy with their respective life partners. Phulli comes and tells the villagers that Het Singh tried to rape her, he is dangerous for the village. Het Singh’s supporters throw stones at Jagya and Anandi. They protect each other but get wounded.

Jagya and Anandi come home and have a talk. Jagya thanks Anandi for shaping his life and praises Ganga too. But Ganga gets jealous seeing him with Anandi. Het Singh and his son release posters in the whole village about Jagya and Anandi’s relation giving wrong remarks about them. Everyone is shocked seeing it. Jagya says he will take his name back but Anandi asks him to fight Het Singh and against wrong. She asks him to have strength and clear this matter. Het Signh praises his son for making the bad posters and thinks it will break Jagya and he will not win now.

Jagya and Anandi try to explain the villagers that what looks true is not true always. The villagers understand Jagya’s words. Anandi decides to go back home as she has to explain her family. Shiv calls her and asks her to stay in Jaitsar and come back only after clearing her and Jagya’s name. Anandi thanks him for trusting her. Anandi tells everyone about Shiv’s decision. Everyone is happy and praise Shuv saying we are lucky to get a son in law like Shiv. Subhadra comes to know about Jagya being Anandi’s ex husband and scolds Shiv for marrying a divorcee. She says your wife is romancing her ex husband in Jaitsar. Daddu and Shiv get angry as she speaks against Anandi’s character.

Shiv comes to Jaitsar to help Anandi and Jagya and fight against Het Singh. He brings the man who helped Het Singh in making the wrong posters. Shiv shows the villagers how photos can be morphed on the computer using Photoshop and makes Het Singh’s similar poster, and asks him what relation do you have with this girl. Het Singh is shocked. The villagers apologize to Jagya for not believing him. Het Singh speaks against Anandi’s character and Dadisaa gives him a tight slap. Everyone thank Shiv for coming at the right time and helping them. Jagya rushes to the hospital for emergency and Dadisaa thinks whether he will be able to balance both words. Gehna says he is responsible and will be able to balance out. What will Subhadra do knowing about Anandi’s truth? Keep reading.