Ishwar visits Aazaadgunj to get Chakor’s family; Chakor dreams to meet them in Udaan

The principal asks Chakor to come to meet admission committee as its mid term admission and asks Ishwar to wait. Chakor worries and says he should also come. Ishwar says no, its your admission. They ask GK questions and Chakor gives simple and wrong answers. Chakor says she has a solution, she will ask one question, why do you make the kids wear uniform. The principal says as there should not be any biasing. Chakor says I m looking different in frock, make me wear uniform and I will also look like school kid. Arjun and the principal smile. Kasturi asks Imli and Dadi to get ready.

Bhuvan says Lakhan has killed people to show us, he is doubting us, I know we all can die, so I have decided something. He says he will sacrifice himself for all of them. He says you all can get free by going Lucknow and I will stop death way here. Kasturi cries and says she won’t sacrifice his life. Arjun tells congrats to Ishwar, as Chakor passed the interview and she will get admission now. Abha hugs her. Vivaan asks what is Chakor doing here. Chakor says she will study here with him. Aditya, Vivaan and Chakor jump happily.

Ishwar says he can’t believe Chakor is getting admission. He gets inspectors’ call and he says he got Pasha’s phone calls, he called Manohar. Ishwar says its same thing, Manohar is Bhaiya ji’s shadow, we won’t take long to prove that they wanted to kill Chakor so kidnapped her. Ishwar asks inspector to make Manohar sit infront of Pasha and he will tell something. Tejaswini asks him to have tablet and get rid of his head ache. She says see how our plan works. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji smile having killed some innocent people to scare Bhuvan and Kasturi. Ishwar comes home and asks postman did money reach Kasturi.

The Postman says they did not come to take it. Imli meets the postman. He says he was going to give money, I will hide the cycle. Lakhan sees postman and Imli together. The postman gives them money and tells what Ishwar told them. They get happy. Lakhan comes there and catches them red handed. Arjun makes Chakor run and she finishes the lap in 20secs. Aditya says it will be a big field and everyone will cheer for you, as you run and win. She thinks Imli cheering for her. Bhuvan asks him to keep money and let them go. Lakhan scolds them. Kasturi says if you stop us, I will tell your truth to your wife. Lakhan says fine, go and tell my wife the truth. Bhuvan gives him money and he leaves.

Prabhakar asks someone to prepare bail papers and he will talk to judge. Ishwar says he got all necessary clothes for Chakor’s parents. Chakor says so many clothes, the whole village can wear this. Abha says I know you are looking for Imli’s clothes, I got it before. Chakor gets glad and says you are doing this for me and got all this for my family, I just have this Lord’s blessings. They get touched by her words. Prabhakar tells his wife to see what is Ishwar saying this, I did a lot for him and he hates me.

Ishwar says I hate the luxuries you wanted to give me by taking bribe, you did not keep ethics being a judge and took wrong decisions. Prabhakar says I m afraid, as you are my blood and can’t see your blood falling on ground, think about family, if anything happens to you, what about Abha and Aditya. Ishwar tells Abha that someone has informed Bhaiya ji, and he has threatened them by sending goons, I don’t think they can come here. Ishwar promises her that he will get her parents by some other way. Abha tells Ishwar you promised Chakor, how will you fulfill it. He says he thought of something. He gets ready and tells Abha not to tell everyone where he is going. Ishwar covers his face and comes to Aazaadgunj.

He sees Imli and Lakhan there while asking for Bhuvan. He meets Bhuvan and asks him to get his family to Lucknow and gives money. He says Chakor got admission in a good school and taking part in big race now. He asks them to come and cheer for her. They all agree. Chakor does not run fast, and Abha makes him talk to Ishwar and Imli. Imli says we are coming tomorrow. Chakor gets glad and runs faster. Vivaan comes to Aditya’s home for a treat, and Ranjana comes and scolds Chakor a lot. Chakor gets upset. Will Bhaiya ji get Chakor back? Keep reading.