Jagya and Ganga blessed with a baby boy in Balika Vadhu

We have seen Anandi and Shiv adopting a child Amol in the show Balika Vadhu. The kids have a great bonding between them. Nandu, Mannu and Amol all have a blast together when they meet in Dadisa’s Badi Haveli. This week, there were many scenes focused on Jagya and Ganga. They were supposed to be blessed by a baby. The week showed some rituals performed such as baby shower of Ganga’s coming baby. Everyone were happy around except Sanchi. Sanchi came there as a guest, uninvited. She came along with Anandi, her family and Amol. Sanchi came to apologize to everyone from her wrong behavior with Dadisa.

When Dadisa sees her, she recollects the drama that took place that day in a function where Sanchi insulted her down to her feet. Even Sumitra thinks how Sanchi spoke ill about her idol mum in law Dadisa. They are annoyed seeing her in the baby shower. They think why did Sanchi come, did she come to again create some nuisance at home. They simply wish that the baby shower goes on peacefully and Ganga is not hurt by Sanchi again. Sanchi, to everyone’s surprise, says I did not come for the baby shower, I have come to apologize to everyone for my behavior. She says I m really sorry for what I did and I would request Dadisa and Sumitra to forgive me.

Dadisa and Sumitra with a big heart forgive her. Sanchi thanks them and is very happy. She then says I would like to meet Ganga and also apologize to her. Dadisa allows her to meet Ganga. Sanchi apologizes to Ganga and Ganga sweetly forgives her saying I have forgiven you the day when you realized your mistake. Sanchi and everyone attend the baby shower. Sanchi gets jealous seeing how much importance Ganga is getting. She sees her with Jagya and sees how Jagya is taking special care of her. She gets angry seeing them together and did not change her attitude still.

The baby shower ends peacefully. Sanchi comes to Ganga when she is alone and shows her reality to her yet another time. She taunts her badly for trapping Jagya in her love and getting pregnant with his child. Ganga is shocked to see that Sanchi did not change. Sanchi and Ganga have an argument where Sanchi curses Ganga and that makes Ganga restless. She gets getting her labor pains. Ganga calls Jagya and says our baby…. Jagya rushes to her and takes her to the hospital. Ganga gets serious. Dadisa asks Jagya to save Ganga first else if anything happens to Ganga, then even she will die with her. Jagya gets worried.

Ganga delivers a baby boy. Jagya comes to know that both the mother and the child are fine and is relieved. He informs this to Bhairav. Bhairav says our plea was heard and is very happy. Everyone rejoice and go to see the baby. Sanchi is at her home, thinking Ganga won’t be saved this time, either her or the baby will be lost. She thinks ill about Ganga and her baby. Anandi calls at her in laws house and tells them that Ganga gave birth to a baby boy and both of them are fine. Sanchi hears this and is jealous.

Sanchi thinks how can Ganga be so lucky that she and her baby got saved. Everyone get emotional that Ganga is fine and she has showed much strength and did not lose hope and will. Jagya tells Dadisa that Ganga gave birth to a baby boy. Dadisa is happy to see her little Ladasar. Dadisa wishes to meet Ganga. Jagya says you can’t meet her now, she is still unconscious. Dadisa meets her later. Jagya brings the baby boy to Ganga and says he is just like me, very smart and handsome. Ganga smiles happily.

Everyone bring Ganga and the baby home. They make sweets and have a small celebration. Ganga when gets free, she comes to her room and calls Sanchi and says your curses have not affected me, as my family’s blessings were with me. Jagya takes the phone and talks to Sanchi. He scolds her and asks her to be away from him and his family. Sanchi on hearing this gets angry. Ganga is touched to see her room decorated with balloons. Dadisa says Sumitra and Gehna did it. Jagya thanks Ganga for coming in his life and making his every wish come true. Ganga tells Jagya that she wants to admit Mannu is school. Jagya agrees and tells everyone that he wants to legally adopt Mannu, and for that he has to take Ratan Singh’s permission. Dadisa stops them for meeting Ratan Singh. So this is all for this week. Stay tuned to watch this space to read the next week’s update.