Jagya stands in the village elections against Het Singh in Balika Vadhu

Dadisaa meets the vendors who tell her that they have made the contract for three years. Dadisaa is shocked and tells them that this is cheating, they can’t keep the same rate fixed for three years. She asks the farmers to cancel the contract. The farmers trust Dadisaa and break the contract. The vendors get in a rage and leaves. Dadisa tells the farmers that she will be selling their harvest at a good price by the helps of her sons. She promises them that they will not bear any loss. Everyone is happy.

Dadisaa gets Amol’s call who tells her that he is back home and tells everything how he got abducted and how he got freed. Dadisaa tells him that he is a brave boy and is proud of him. Anandi talks to Dadisaa. Dadisaa is happy as Amol got back and tells her about Kanchan and Manish. Anandi is shocked to know about Kanchan’s tumor and uterus removed. Dadisaa tells her that Jagya did the operation as it was very much necessary.

Dadisaa tells her that she will go to the temple to fulfill her mannat as Amol came back. Shiv brings Anandi to a place and shows her the future holiday home plan. He tells her that they have a home already but this will be the place where he will be having some good moments. He gets romantic and they share some good sweet moments there. Anandi and Shiv are very happy with each other. Ira comes to meet Saachi and sees the standard of Vivek’s home where Saachi is living. Saachi tells her that Vivek is financially weak now and they can’t make any changes in their home right now. Ira feels Saachi is adjusting a lot and is proud of her daughter.

Ira gifts Saachi microwave and a washing machine and tells her to accept it as it is necessity. Vivek comes to know about this and gets upset. He then says sorry to Saachi and asks her to thank Ira. Saachi calls Anandi to tell about Vivek’s client coming home and she needs help in cooking. Anandi tells her the recipes and Saachi notes down. Saachi tells her that they don’t have a sofa set. Ira hears this and gets upset thinking what life is Saachi leading and thinks to help her again.

All the harvest is burnt by the vendors. The farmers cry and call Dadisaa. Dadisaa comes to them and asks them to have patience. They takes them to a different place and shows the harvest safe. She tells them that she already knew that the vendors will do this type of thing, so she has shifted all the harvest before they could burn it. Dadisaa drags the vendors in the panchayat. Jagya scolds them and calls the police. He asks the inspector to arrest them.

Jagya talks to the farmers and says thus can happen next time too, we have to be careful and protect our village. Dadisaa looks at Jagya and smiles. Everyone ask Dadisaa to stand in the elections as she is a honest woman. Dadisaa says she is old now and the village needs a young mind with enthusiasm who could protect the village and fight all odds. Basant and Bhairav says they can’t stand in the elections as they don’t have time.

Dadisaa says she has one name in mind and tells everyone that Jagya will stand in the elections. Everyone are shocked. Jaya says he is busy in the hospital and can’ be a politician. Dadisaa and everyone finally convince Jagya to try. Jagya agrees and files his nomination against Het Singh. Het Singh is shocked to see a strong candidate like Jagya. Jagya tells him that he wants to clean the dirtiness of the village so he entered politics.

Het Singh comes to meet Dadisaa and asks Jagya to take his name back as nothing can come between him and victory. Dadisaa asks him to take his name back and he gets shocked. Dadisaa calls Anandi and tells her that Jagya is entering politics and asks her to campaign for him. Anandi si very happy and asks Shiv about it. Shiv asks her to go for campaign as it’s a good cause. Vivek orders a sofa set and thinks Saachi will be very happy seeing it. Shiv comes to know about an accident in his village and runs to see the patients. He meets an old lady with Daddu’s pic.

He informs Daddu and asks him to come. Daddu comes and is shocked to see its his sister. Daddu asks her whereabouts and takes her home happily. Jagya is threatened by het Singh to leave politics else he will not leave him. Sumitra gets worried as het Singh is dangerous. Dadisaa asks her not to worry as the whole village is with Jagya. Will Jagya win the elections? Keep reading.