Jai accepts to be the father of Dipika’s child shocking everyone in Sanskaar

The Holi Celebrations were shown in the show this week and also there was high melodrama about two ladies claiming they are pregnant with Jai’s child, one right claim and one false one. Dhara is the true one who is actually pregnant with Jai’s child and the fake one is Dipika who spreads the fake rumor to get married to Jai saying Jai made her pregnant. The story goes like this. Everyone dance in the Holi event and are very happy. The men and the women have a competition between them, whoever wins will get a prize from Ansubaa. They dance on the song Holi khele Waghuveera……….. Hitesh cleverly asks Dhara and Dipika to compete and see who wins. Dipika gets angry as she thinks Dhara is no way better than her. Dipika dances with anger while Dhara dances with happiness.

Both of them win and no one loses. Everyone claps for them. Ketki notices Dipika’s anger and asks jher to control it as everyone might be her angry side. Dhara gets vomiting type and goes. Dipika receives a call on the landline and it is from Dhara’s doctor who tells her that Dhara is pregnant. Dipika is shocked and much angry thinking Dhara did this to make a stable position in home. She thinks if everyone comes to know that Dhara is giving them Jai’s child, they will be very happy and will accept her as a permanent bahu and Jai’s wife for lifetime. She thinks of doing something and talks to Ketki about it. She tells Kekti that Dhara is pregnant and Ketki is shocked too. They hide it form the family. Dipika sees Dhara vomiting and she becomes sure.

Ketki gives an idea to Dipika to tell the family that she is pregnant with Jai’s child and they have to accept her at any cost then. They can’t say no to her knowing that. Ketki arranges the fake pregnancy reports of Dipika and she shows it to everyone. Everyone are shocked including Dhara. Jai knew something like this will happen as he thinks he has spent the night with Dipika. He feels guilty. The family asks Dipika who is the father of the child and she hides from them. Ketki scolds Dipika and speaks against her and the man responsible for her pregnancy. Everyone ask Dipika again and again. Dipika does not say anything and stops Jai also from telling them the truth.

Jai tells everyone that he is the shameless man who did this being married to Dhara. He tells that this happened when he went with Dipika on her birthday and he had a drink and then he lost his senses and he does not know what happened. He says he is guilty and should be punished. He says he will be giving the name to Dipika’s child and take care of it. He tells them that he is responsible for her pregnancy and now it is his duty to support her in the hour of need. He tells them not to taunt Dipika and not hurt her feelings as it was not her mistake, it was his mistake that he went closer to Dipika. Dhara is shocked thinking Jai has broken her trust.

Parul slaps Jai for his biggest mistake of his life. She says how could you do so being married, did you not think about your wife once before getting closer to someone else. Jai says he was not in his senses and it all happened because of that drink. No one believes him and get angry on him. Ansubaa says you have made us ashamed today by this act. She stops talking to Jai. Dhara talks to Jai and forgives him for this mistake. She asks him to marry Dipika and give their child a name. She says she will be going from his life in 15 days and then he won’t have any worry in his life as he won’t have to choose between her and Dipika. Jai feels he is very unlucky to lose Dhara in which he has got Bhoomi.

Jai is thankful to Dhara for understanding him but at the same time, he is ashamed of himself for breaking Dhara’s and everyone’s trust. He apologizes to Dhara and his family. Dipika is happy as her dream if marrying Jai will be fulfilled now. Will Jai end his marriage with Dhara and marry Dipika? Keep reading or stay tuned to Sanskaar on Colors TV.