Jethalal always in middle of the problems in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Round the clock, round the year, same thing happens with Jethalal Gada. That thing is he is the best friend of problems, misfortunes, difficulties, tragedies and what to say more. He is the man who is always in the middle of the problems. The problems keep chasing him or should we say he chases the problems. Jethalal has a lovely and supporting wife Dayaben, who takes good care of him and protects him from every trouble. Even then he gets landed in problems.

Last week, we saw about the fitness camp being organized in the Gokuldhaam society. It was Babita’s suggestion which came after she read Bhide’s notice Health is Wealth. Babita talks to everyone in the society and everyone happily agree for the fitness camp. They say we will be glad to be a part of the fitness camp. The fitness camp starts and the trainer is none other than Babita’s friend Sophia. Everyone start the exercises, yoga, and many more activities like making the rounds of the society etc. Sophia enters the society with a bang and makes everyone do the bang with her strict rules. She makes them take extra rounds and makes sure they get fit.

Jethalal tries to impress Babita and says I will make two extra rounds. Sophia is happy and asks him to. Jethalal asks every man to accompany him. The men agree to support him and make the extra rounds. Their wives are very happy. At the end of the day, when the fitness camp Day 1 ends, Jethalal, Taarak, Bhide, Dr. Haathi, Popatlal, Sodhi and Iyer meet at Abdul’s soda shop. Everyone blame Jethalal for acting foolish and making them do the extra rounds. Everyone are damn tired and they get body pains because of the over exercises. Sophia asks them to come on the second day also, else if anyone is absent, she will charge them a penalty amount of Rs. 50000. Everyone are shocked.

They agree to come for the second day also as the society does not have funds to pay the penalty. Everyone then blame Bhide for writing the notice Health is Wealth which made Babita think of this fitness camp idea. Everyone have a talk and a laugh, they go home to sleep. Jethalal, meanwhile in the day manages to get a body massage from Baaga and is relieved of body pain as others are suffering. They meet the next day in the compound. Sophia is happy to see that everyone came and no one is absent.

Everyone start exercising the next day too. Everyone follow the steps which Sophia shows them. Suddenly, Jethalal’s back and waist gets locked. He is unable to move and stand properly. Everyone think he is joking. Babuji scolds him. Jethalal says I m not joking, I m serious, I m stuck. Everyone are shocked. Even Sophia does not have any solution for this. The fitness camp is stopped for the day and Sophia leaves and asks Jethalal to take care. Everyone think of how to make Jethalal fine. They ask Dr. Haathi to check him. Dr. Haathi takes Jethalal’s X – Ray and tells everyone that his bones are fine, it is just a lock. He says Jethalal has to take an injection for this. Jethalal shouts and says he will not take the injection at any cost. Babuji gets an idea and tells it to Taarak. He asks Taarak to make Jethalal busy in his words so that Dr. Haathi can give him the injection.

Taarak does so and talks about food, sweets etc and takes Jethalal into an imaginary world. Dr. Haathi injects Jethalal and Jethalal shouts coming out of the imagination. He says Taarak has cheated me and asks him to leave from India. Jethalal does not get relieve by the injection. Everyone think what next to do, how to cure him. Dayaben gets a call from her mum and she tells her mum everything about Jethalal’s problem. Her mum suggests her an idea of kicking at Jethalal’s back and waist so that the lock can be removed by that stroke. Dayaben follows the idea. It has to be seen whether her idea works or worses Jethalal’s condition further. Keep reading this space.