Kabeer doubts Pratik to be behind Trisha’s kidnapping; Pratik doubts Neha in Laut Aao Trisha

Amrita pacifies Vivan about Gaurav not supporting him infront of Pratik. She says he is a good father, he did not say anything to Pratik to save his family, he is lucky to have him. Trisha sees a mesh door and succeeds in getting out of it, but her hands get injured while clearing glass strands. She sees goon out and thinks kidnapper did not fulfill his promise to leave her even after getting money, now she will elope from here. She jumps from window and escapes. Goon comes out of washroom and sees door mesh broken. He calls all his goons and asks to catch Trisha. Sonali scolds Gaurav for letting Amrita interfere in their personal matter.

Gaurav says she just wants to help us and if we get positive results, what is wrong in it. Vivan comes and apologizes to Gaurav. Kabeer reaches the place and sees the blood marks on the mesh, and says maybe she eloped from here and we should get her before kidnappers could. He asks to get the blood stains examined. Trisha sees a truck moving towards a playing kids and runs out from her hiding place to save her. The goons spot her and take her back. The officer informs Kabeer that blood sample was of Trisha. Amrita gets worried hearing that and asks Kabeer what happened to her.

Kabeer says he can just say that Trisha is fine and says when we let our children walk for the first time after keeping them in our protection, we don’t believe our eyes. He says he can just say that Trisha is protecting herself well and soon she will get Trisha. Neha sees Pratik reaching office and starts crying. Pratik asks why is she crying. Neha brainwashes him and tells him that Lavanya challenged that as a vice president, she can get Kushan’s designs approved easily. Pratik gets irked hearing that. Pratik asks Neha to get Kushan’s termination letter and says Lavanya that it took just a minute to show his authority.

Lavanya thinks saying same words to Neha. Pratik gives termination letter to Kushan and says it is personal. Kushan angrily looks at Lavanya. Trisha cries and remembers Amrita, thinking that Amrita used to take care of her when she used to get injured and cry, now she is not crying as her mom is not there. Kushan alleges Lavanya responsible for all the problems he is facing. Lavanya alleges Amrita for her problem and curses that she will also get lonely like her. Amrita calls NGO and says she will come next week to meet NGO kids as they don’t have parents and her daughter is missing. Lavanya angrily comes there and shouts Pratik’s name.

Amrita says he has not come from office yet. Lavanya says he must be enjoying with Neha and says he terminated Kushan from tower project. . Pratik comes there and asks what is happening. Lavanya asks him how can he do this to her and Kushan. She shouts at him and leaves. Amrita asks Pratik how can he terminate Kushan without any reason. He asks her not to interfere in his office issues and to take care of her house. Kidnapper’s goon gets food for Trisha and asks her to eat, else she will die. He forgets his mobile and walks a distance. Trisha picks his mobile and SMSes and keeps it back before he sees it.

Kabeer informs Pratik that Trisha used debit card to withdraw money after she was kidnapped, which he used at a hotel yesterday. Pratik starts shouting and asks if he thinks he kidnapped Trisha. He starts throwing his cards from his wallet and is shocked to see Trisha’s card in his wallet. He says he does not know how he got it. Kabeer says maybe he is innocent, but someone who is very closer to him who has access to his wallet has used this card and is the kidnapper. Amrita starts fighting with Pratik. Pratik asks her to stop fighting and says he wants to know who kept Trisha’s card in his wallet first. The officer says Kabeer that we have start interrogating Pratik. Kabeer says Pratik will not let it happen easily.

Kushan says Amrita that we have to use bad news in market against Pratik in our favor. Kabeer scolds his officer for delaying in getting info and asks him to hurry up. Amrita comes and asks him how can he doubt Pratik. He says the evidences I got, doubting Pratik is obvious, I am not telling he is guilty though. Pratik asks Lavanya if she is serious that she is trying to frighten him. She says he is her younger brother and she can do anything, she is just worried about company’s reputation. Pratik agrees to leave CEO position and shakes hand with her.

Neha comes to Pratik’s office and sees him drinking. She asks why is he drinking. He says he is tensed thinking who must have kept Trisha’s card in his wallet. Neha says Amrita has done this to take revenge from you. Pratik twists her neck and says Amrita cannot this, though she is angry on him. He says he cannot trust anyone now and thinks everyone has worn a mask and wants to know who has kidnapped his daughter. Neha gets tensed. Who is behind Trisha’s kidnapping? Keep reading.