Kabeer reaches Trisha’s hideout to rescue her in Laut Aao Trisha

Neha fools Pratik on the context of saving him. Kushan pulls Trisha back and says she cannot escape from him. He gets a call from Neha who tells task is completed and she found a way to trap Pratik. Kushan says it is fabulous, now Pratik will be in jail for his daughter’s kidnapping. She says it is his responsibility to inform police now. avanya comes and says it was very bad and asks Gaurav how can he sign a business deal with Mehtas. He says he felt it profitable and signed. She says Sawika’s dont do business like this and says she does not know what Pratik saw in him.

Kabeer explains his plan to his officers and ask them not to make any mistake this time. Amrita reaches food court and hopes Pratik is safe. Neha hopes police must arrest Pratik for sure. Abhay sees a man and informs Kabeer that Pratik is standing. Kabeer sees that man is not Pratik and stops Abhay from confronting that man and asks him to be alert. Pratik disguises as trolley delivery staff and enters disguised in beard. Kushan brings Trisha back to his hideout and asks her not to try escaping again. Trisha asks why is he doing this. He says it is not her mistake, but her dad Pratik’s who always scolded him like a servant even though he married his sister and worked hard to bring his business up.

Pratik asks Neha what proof she has and says he does not have time. Kabeer catches him. Pratik says he doesn’t have much time and Police comes there and says they also don’t have much time and asks him to come with police. Neha hugs Pratik and says it’s all Amrita’s plan. Pratik gets angry on Amrita. At police station Neha comes to meet Pratik. Pratik asks her about evidences. Neha says she saw Lavanya at his office standing beside the locker and she entered at cabin Lavanya went out of cabin. Kabeer hears this and makes fun of Neha as it is a very big evidence of Pratik’s innocence.

Neha says Amrita is trying to hide her relationship with Kabeer. During interrogation, Kabeer asks Pratik about Trisha. Pratik replies that he loves Trisha. He requests him to find Trisha. Pratik’s health deteriorates during the interrogation and Amrita gets worried. They take him to the hospital. Amrita warns Kabeer that if anything happens to her husband, she won’t forgive him. Kushan aims at ruining Trisha and Pratik’s life. Lavanya is desperate to promote the business of Swaika industry. Kabeer believes that Pratik is innocent. Sonali intends to mislead Gaurav, while Lavanya suspects about Kushan. At the Swaika mansion, Gaurav is preparing to go for a business-dinner which Lavanya instructed him to attend. He hopes the business deal would be finalized.

Kushan expresses his hatred for Pratik and is determined to ruin his life. He hurts Trisha’s sentiments by forcibly celebrating her birthday. Kushan asks Neha to meet him in an hour. Lavanya overhears this and decides to follow him. Kabeer informs Amrita that Pratik’s bail is accepted and his department has decided not to challenge it as he thinks Pratik is innocent and says sorry. Amrita thanks him. Trisha writes a diary that on party’s night, Kushan messaged him that Pratik and Neha are still seeing each other. Kushan advised her to stay away from home, to unite Pratik and Amrita.

He has then kidnapped her and locked her for his motive. Kushan tells Trisha that he is not a killer, he had to kill Prem as he came to know about your hideout, now he will also to a place where she will die each and every day, flesh market/prostitution, he will sell her tomorrow. She pleads him not to sell her and kill her instead. He says he has decided and party will pick her tomorrow. He comes out of bungalow, hides keys again in lampshade and gets into his car. Kushan gets a call from his client who asks him to get the girl today itself. He says ok and leaves back towards Trisha’s hideout.

Amrita comes to Pratik’s hospital room, sees him getting ready and says she will help him. He says he does not need his help and asks her to acting like an ideal wife. Neha comes there and starts her drama of concern for him. Amrita silently watches their intimacy. Kabeer and his officers reach the place of Trisha’s hideout. Kushan is shocked seeing them and hides. Will Kabeer be able to save Trisha this time? Keep reading.