Lajjo catches the deadly epidemic disease in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo, the sweet and simple lead of Gustakh dil had become ill and down with the deadly epidemic disease. It is sad for the viewers of the show, as Lajjo is the favorite of millions. She rules over everyone’s heart with her goodness and charm. We don’t know why Nikhil does not acknowledge her as his wife, it seems her charm did not work on him till now. But soon it will, Nikhil will be rushing to meet the ill Lajjo. All the climax is told in the beginning itself, lets talk how it happens.

Lajjo treats the ill patients of Sonbarsa in the Doctor Kaka’s dispensary. She helps Doctor Kaka and also offers her jewellery to him for selling it and buying more medicines for the village. But he does not accept it. Lajjo tells Doctor Kaka that she has left Nikhil forever and now their ways are different. Doctor Kaka is shocked to know about her failed marriage and feels sad for her. Lajjo is adamant in offering help and treats many patients at the clinic. Doctor Kaka asks her to wear the face mask and stay precautious. But she says if anything happens to me, I don’t care, as there is no one who needs me in his life, for whom will I live. She becomes careless and cures the patients.

There are many deaths happening in Sonbarsa. So many people dying every day, so the beautiful village turns into a death valley. Lajjo’s mum sees some marks on Lajjo’s back and gets worried thinking Lajjo treats the patients and may be she has also caught the disease. Her fears become true and Lajjo really catches the infection. She gets high fever and in unable to stand. She still cures the patients. While doing so, she faints. Doctor kaka runs to her and checks her temper. He tells Lajjo that she caught the infection and will not be able to go home. She is made to admit in the hospital and stay away from her family. Doctor Kaka scolds Lajjo for hiding about her high fever from him, he asks her to think about her family who are linked with her.

Lajjo gets upset and cries thinking about her life and how things are becoming worse. She thinks of Nikhil and his words whenever she is lonely on the clinic’s bed. Lajjo’s mum comes running to meet her but is not allowed by Doctor Kaka. Lajjo closes the door and does not meet her. She asks her mum to leave else she will also catch the infection. Her mum breaks down and cries at the door talking to Lajjo. She comes home and decides to inform Nikhil. Her husband tells her that Nikhil does not regard Lajjo as his wife, he is marrying someone else. He says Nikhil has no place for Lajjo in his heart and house, so it is useless to call him up. He will not come back to take Lajjo.

Lajjo’s mum goes to meet Nikhil’s grandfather Baba and tells him that Lajjo got ill while treating the patients at the clinic. Baba comes to know from her that Nikhil has left Lajjo and is marrying Ishaana. Baba is stunned and hurt knowing Lajjo’s life has ruined because of him as he got Nikhil married to Lajjo. Anu goes to meet Lajjo and consoles her asking her to live for them, if not for Nikhil, then for her family and the people who love and care for her. Lajjo hugs her and cries. Nikhil reads in the newspaper about the epidemic disease going on in Sonbarsa and 30 deaths in the village because of it. He gets shocked and tells Ayesha that he is going to Sonbarsa as he is worried about Lajjo.

Ayesha informs this to Barkha. Barkha tries to stop Nikhil but he does not listen to anyone. He asks Ishaana is his decision right. Ishaana supports him. Nikhil calls Anu and asks her about everyone there in the village. Anu says Baba and I are fine, but Lajjo is unwell. Nikhil asks what happened to Lajjo. Anu tells him that Lajjo has caught the epidemic disease. Nikhil is shattered by knowing this. He plans to meet Lajjo as soon as possible and leaves for the village. Lajjo is battling for her life and Doctor Kaka is treating her. Lajjo gives her medicines to someone else who also needs medicines. She has given up the hope for living as she does not have Nikhil in her life. Will Nikhil bring positivity back in Lajjo again? Will Lajjo survive the deadly disease? Keep reading.