Lajjo lands in Ranawat’s house to get evidence to proof Nikhil innocent in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo sees Nikhil tensed and asks him what is he hiding. He says we will meet after rehearsals. Sagar comes and greets Nikhil. He says he will drop Lajjo home. Nikhil says we have a plan so I will come. Sagar says ofcourse she is your wife. Nikhil says she is my life as well and leaves. Sagar sees Lajjo happy and smiles. The CBI lady official thinks its time to use Nikhil, as he will make us reach the diamond merchant, he will be in our arrest soon. Karanveer’s mum calls Barkha and cuts the proposal rejecting Ayesha knowing about her affair with Adhiraj.

Adhiraj comes to meet Inder and Barkha and shows his concern about Ayesha, asking her not to give her statement in court. Barkha scolds him. Nikhil comes and defends Ayesha and Adhiraj and says he will support him as he is innocent. Ayesha goes to meet Adhiraj and he tells her that he really loves her and does not want her image to get ruined. She says she is with him and she will save him. The CBI stops Nikhil and Lajjo and checks him. They ask Lajjo to ask Nikhil if she wants to tell the truth. Nikhil says he is appointed as a salesman and he was trapped in smuggling. Lajjo is shocked.

They ask him for any proof he has, any job appointment letter. Nikhil thinks about Khanna that there is no proof against them. The lady asks DK to let Nikhil have some time to think, one day time, and he has to come CBI officer at 11am. Nikhil cries. She says I trust you and I know you did not do wrong, it’s a bad time for you. She consoles him and reminds his words that he won’t hide anything from him, so tell me what happened. Nikhil tells everything to Lajjo. He says dad warned me something is wrong, but I did not listen to him, I was idiot and thought they are impressed by me and promoted me, then finally I came to know I m a carrier to smuggle diamonds.

Lajjo pacifies him and asks him not to worry, as CBI will understand he was trapped. He says I wish it was that simple, my life is over now, away from family and you. DK says we did not get any proof against the diamond smugglers. Nikhil and Lajjo come to meet CBI officers. Nikhil says he does not know anything about smuggling racket, I m completely innocent. She says I can arrest you as you did smuggling. DK says if you help us in getting Ranawat, we can make you our helper, we know him.

They show Ranawat’s pics to Nikhil. DK says he is very smart and strong, he has many connections. Nikhil says if you know he is real culprit, then arrest him. The lady officer says where is evidence against him, its all against you. Lajjo says she has an idea. Barkha and Inder are worried thinking about Ayesha. Inder tells Barkha that he feels Ayesha loves Adhiraj but he is worried that how will she adjust with him in a poor life. He says poor can get adjusted in rich, but rich can’t manage in poverty, I don’t think Ayesha can manage. He says the sad part is you could not stop Nikhil, trust me, you can’t stop Ayesha. Lajjo says she wants to save Nikhil and she will get the proof against Ranawat.

Nikhil says they are damn dangerous, this is not a joke. DK says you can die too. Lajjo says she will take the risk for Nikhil. Miss Roy says Nikhil is lucky as his wife loves him a lot. Nikhil says be practical Lajjo. Lajjo says I know I m not smart, but I can use my simplicity. She convinces Nikhil to let her go to Ranawat’s house in the place of their cook from the agency. Lajjo lands in Ranawat’s house and his wife Shalini does not want to keep her. Lajjo does some emotional blackmailing telling her about her kids and husband. She finally gets the job. She gets Nikhil’s call as he was very worried for her.

She talks indirectly and says she is fine and doing her work. She goes to Ranawat’s study when no one is around to fix the mic bug. She looks for a perfect place and fixes it on his table showpiece. Ranawat comes there and is shocked to see the maid in his study. He asks her what is she doing here. Lajjo is stunned and tensed and thinks what to tell him now. Will Lajjo get caught or will she succeed in saving Nikhil? Keep reading.

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