Lajjo and Nikhil get some good proof against Ranawat; Adhiraj professes love to Ayesha in Gustakh Dil

Lajjo manages to fool Shalini once again by changing the diamond bangles by imitation ones. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj and says congrats. He holds her hand and says thank you Ayesha for everything. She says its good you got freed by court case, so now you can move on. He says yes I can move on finally. he says she is going abroad for further studies and maybe she won’t come back ever. They stand at either side of the doors and cry. Nikhil thinks of Miss Roy’s words to get the safe and follows Ranawat. Ranawat goes to the study. Nikhil looks inside and says where did he go, he just went inside Nikhil asks is Lajjo at home. Barkha says no, she might have went to Sagar for her new show event.

She cares for Sagar and Mili more. Nikhil defends Lajjo. Barkha thinks a husband can’t bear his wife respects someone else more. Lajjo comes to meet Sagar and says sorry. I was with Anjali. Sagar says Anjali told me you did not meet her. Sagar says you missed three rehearsals last week and scolds Lajjo to decide whether she wants to be housewife or professional. Nikhil hears this and asks Sagar not to scold Lajjo, as she is his wife and he does not have any right on her. Sagar says sorry. Lajjo asks Nikhil not to interfere in her work. Nikhil gets annoyed. Nikhil being a bar and thinking about Lajjo’s words sees Jasmina scolding a waiter. He defends the waiter and scolds Jasmine. She likes his attitude.

Lajjo and Nikhil have an argument. He says you did not keep my respect, you are showing me attitude, as its your mistake. She says its Sagar who gave me my identity, we are together because of him. He says I know he did a lot for you, but you were talented and worked hard. She says you are my priority, but this is to support Sagar. She asks him to respect Sagar and apologize to him. Nikhil comes to meet Ranawat and gives new suggestions. He says we will take new carriers for diamonds, and if we are seen in CBI eyes, the game is over. Ranawat is impressed and says you think like me, a step ahead.Nikhil says I want to shadow you and learn many things from you. I want to go in client meetings, secret deals.

Ranawat says you are in and shakes hands. He says I will have fun working with intelligent man like you, you will be with me in every meeting, you will be my right hand. Jasmine comes there and hugs Ranawat saying dad. Nikhil is shocked seeing her. She starts flirting with Nikhil. Lajjo sees them and gets jealous. She comes in between them. Jasmine asks whats wrong with you, don’t you have manners. Nikhil asks Lajjo where is she going. She says you go to that Jasmine, why are you caring about me, I don’t care. Nikhil smiles and explains her this is how he feels when she is with Sagar. She says she can’t think about anyone in her dreams. Nikhil says Ayesha is going abroad tomorrow.

She goes to Ayesha and talks to her. She says she told Adhiraj that she is going tomorrow and is upset. Lajjo says you don’t want to go right. Lajjo understands her pain. Lajjo comes to meet Adhiraj and talks about Ayesha. She asks him to realize his feelings. She says you feel you can’t keep Ayesha happy as she is rich and you are poor. She says money is not everything in life, what about love. She says about her life story. She asks him does he really think he can forget Ayesha. She says I know she will not forget you, she loves you a lot.Adhiraj realizes his mistake and runs to Ayesha to confess his feelings. Ayesha is glad and hugs him. He says Lajjo made him realize this and Ayesha is thankful to her. She tells Nikhil and he is proud of Lajjo.

Miss Roy asks Lajjo to get a blue diary from Ranawat’s safe and to go in his secret meeting too. Nikhil says if we get blue diary, then. DK says then you have to get safe and the key, take the blue diary and bring it here. Nikhil says then our work is over, you will drop all charges against me. Lajjo goes as Trishna and fixes a bug on their table cleverly. The talk is heard by CBI. She goes to get the blue diary and sees the secret passage in his study room. Jasmine gets close to Nikhil and he scolds her asking her to be in limits. Jasmine says she will win him over by any means. What will Ranawat do when he finds out about Lajjo and Nikhil’s motives? Will Jasmine come in between Lajjo and Nikhil’s love? Keep reading.

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