Lavanya risks her baby for Naina; Anshuman and Pakhi finally meet in Singapore in Tumhari Pakhi

Lavanya thinks of Naina having high fever and how can she leave her in this bad state. She thinks she won’t go for the surgery even when it starts paining to her. She screams and the maid asks her to go to the doctor, but Lavanya refuses. Lavanya calls Girish unknowingly and he hears her cry. He immediately calls the doctor and comes to know that Lavanya did not come till now. He goes home and brings Lavanya for the surgery. It gets done and Girish tells her that she does not need to prove that she is Naina’s mum. Lavanya is happy and hugs him.

Anuja brings Anshuman to her home and tells her about Deepika and does not name Pakhi. She praises Pakhi a lot without telling her name. He asks her who is she. Just then Pakhi calls and Anuja asks her to speak to Anshuman. Lavanya’s call comes and Anshuman leaves. Pakhi hears Anshuman’s voice but does not think much. Anuja says she will show him Pakhi’s pic and keeps it aside. Deepika comes and meets Anshuman. She is shocked seeing him and says is this your son. Anuja says yes, he is. Deepika says than it means Pakhi is really your bahu. She tells them that Pakhi was staying with them and Anshuman is Pakhi’s husband. Anshuman and Anuja are shocked. Anshuman sees Pakhi’s pic and breaks down knowing she just left for Singapore.

He tells everything to Anuja, how they got separated. Anuja says I thought my son came to meet me, but I did not know your dad came to meet me in you. She says you have repeated history and gave birth to a Devki, how can you apologize for this. She says you won’t be forgiven, let her go, she is moving on, I have seen her dying each day, she forgot her past now, don’t make it difficult for her. She has made herself away from her son, like me, she tried hard but she failed as she was called characterless.

She asks why did you do this with her, my prayers ruined because of you. Anshuman says I will apologize to her, I promise I will bring her back at any cost. She says then this time you have to prove yourself, you have to make sure and show it to Pakhi that you are really regretting, only then I will wait for Pakhi and you, this time you will give the Agnipariksha. Anshuman happily agrees getting Anuja’s support. He brings her to Shimla. Anuja cries seeing Lavanya and hugs her.

Pakhi arrives in Singapore and looks for Rohan. She thinks this is the same name with which Anshuman doubted on me. She is glad to see her childhood friend Rohan and he makes a very filmi entry. He starts flirting with her. Rohan says you are beautiful but from inside you are sad, you used to be so lively but today, you smile like you have a burden, Pakhi you have really changed. Anshuman did not value you. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman and gets sad. Anshuman too lands in Singapore and the fate brings him to meet Pakhi, as Sarah, Rohan’s helper catches him forcing him to be a part of their cultural event.

Rohan asks Pakhi to sign the contract where she has to dedicate her entire life and not look back. Pakhi says I don’t have a reason to go back, if I can do anything for my country, I will be proud. Rohan gets happy and they go to a restaurant. Sarah brings Anshuman there and Pakhi is shocked seeing him. Rohan asks Anshuman to leave as he has hurt Pakhi a lot. Anshuman apologizes to Pakhi and says I just want to say no one can come between me and Pakhi. I won’t let this trust break as I learnt to believe her. Pakhi gives him a chance to speak and goes with him.

He gets close to her and touches his cheek to hers and says you know the language of touch, tell me, is this true or not. She says yes, it is true. He smiles. He says my touch says I m incomplete without you. She says but we got separated and its tough to go back. He says Pakhi, our love is waiting for us, I m waiting for you, will you not give me one chance. Pakhi agrees and tells him about the contract she signed. He tells her that he will wait for her for 18 years as she did for him, and she should do her best to win the competition. Pakhi gets glad.

Anshuman joins Rohan’s team to help Pakh. They get their first round challenge to make any Indian colorful art. Anshuman and Pakhi both suggest Rangoli. Rohan looks at them and feels jealous seeing Anshuman back in Pakhi’s love. Rohan tells Anshuman how much he loved Pakhi but went away from her knowing she loves Anshuman and is waiting for him. Will Rohan create a rift between them? Keep reading.