LD gets rusticated from college in Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali

LD and Radha are spell bound when the pandit says they are married by all rituals. Radha’s mum asks is he mad, what is he saying. He says the marriage is done by all rituals. Radha asks him to stop this drama, and asks director can she go if the shooting is over. The pandit says the marriage is really done. The director says don’t look at me, I m just an actor. He says I was told to do director’s role and Radha’s insult. Radha cries. Dada ji gives food to the poor beggar and asks them to pray for LD’s marriage. He says he should get a good bahu for LD. He says she should respect our family and LD. Radha slaps LD and scolds him. LD’s friends get angry and LD stops them. Radha says I will not break by this cheap prank.

Suhasini also scolds him and says what will they clarify now, are they not ashamed to do this prank. Dada ji says my bahu should respect our values and she should become an example for everyone. Radha breaks the garlands. Radha’s sindoor does not go easily and her mum wipes it. LD is in shock while the setup is moved. Radha’s mum thinks what is she doing, she is wiping the sindoor from her daughter’s hairline. Radha thinks of her marriage with LD. Suhasini brings Radha home and meets the guests. The guy Vishal and family comes to see Radha and get a pandit along. Suhasini asks Rakesh about the pandit and they will match the kundlis. The same pandit comes who did LD and Radha’s marriage.

The pandit identifies them and says if I have to match this girl’s kundli, then I m sorry, I can’t do this, as I don’t match married woman kundlis. Radha’s dad asks what is he saying. Radha’s uncle asks what is he saying. The pandit says he has done her marriage just hours ago. They are shocked. Radha’s dad says it was an ad shooting marriage. Vishal’s mum says maybe they were having an affair and got married in hurry after doing some mistake. Radha gets angry and asks them to leave. Radha’s dad recalls their taunts and faints. The doctor checks him and says no need to worry, his BP was high because of stress, but be careful, he has diabetics. The neighbors come to Suhasini and says they have seen the marriage video of Radha.

They ask Radha not to hide anything now. Radha is shocked. They ask Radha to check video on internet as the whole society has seen it, and Suhasini did the kanyadaan in it. Suhasini comes to LD and scolds him. LD says it was just a prank, I m sorry, lets end it here. Nisha says don’t act innocent. LD says its not a big thing, let me handle this. Suhasini yells telling him what he has done by uploading the video and making fun of Radha. LD is shocked seeing the video and scolds Mukul. Radha goes college and some guys tease her and insult her. LD comes there and beats the guy to save Radha’s self esteem. The principal comes and scolds them. She asks them to go to their classes. She asks Radha and LD to come to her office, as her mum has come to discuss a matter.

Jayshree hears Govind and Dada ji talking about Sadhna. She talks to Chameli and says she is worried, something has happened there. Chameli says she knows she is not worried about LD, but she needs a spicy news to take down Sadhna. Suhasini asks principal to suspend LD. D says he is not afraid of family, but does not want them to get hurt, please don’t involve them, you can punish me. Suhasini scolds LD. The principal asks them to relax and calls LD’s home. She says you have to come Mumbai soon, I can’t tell on phone. She says its about your son’s studies and future. Govind says we will come tomorrow. The principal asks Suhasini to meet LD’s parents tomorrow. The principal says LD did a big mistake, and rusticates him. Dada ji asks how did they call suddenly.

Govind says they called us for teacher parent meeting. He says Sadhna and I will leave for Mumbai tomorrow. Radha’s uncle suggests some solution to Suhasini. Radha goes out for shopping. She falls by some stone. LD comes there and she gets angry seeing him. She tells about her family’s pain, and their involvement. He says I m sorry, I can help. She says leave us, please, and mistake can’t be forgiven if you say sorry, you might be happy by taking revenge from me, making fun of me, you can go and celebrate with your friends. LD says he is saying sorry from heart, please let’s end it. LD apologizes to her. Radha gets angry and says she can never forgive him. What will be Govind’s reaction knowing about LD’s marriage? Keep reading.