Lohari left the Saanghwaan house in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

There had been much wait for Rajveer to return in the show. Everyone were anticipating his entry. Rajveer was brought back to the house by his just for show wife Rajo. Rajo is a scheming woman who aims to marry Rajveer and get a stand in the Saanghwaan family. Simran, Rajveer’s wife and the female lead of the show is the confident and evil fighter of the house. She is always against Lahori, Rajveer’s real mother. Lohari has killed her own father by poisoning his food. While dying, Daddu told Simran about the truth. Simran met Lahori at the cliff where she called her, and she was pushed off the cliff by Lohari. Everyone mourned for Simran’s death. That was the end of Season 1.

Season 2 is focused on Rajveer and Lohari and how Simran after coming back tries to save the family from Lohari. Lohari brings her helping hand Rajo in the house. Rajo and Lohari are not leaving any chance to outdo Simran. But Simran fights back every time and tries to keep the family together and against all calamities. Simran is the only one in the house who is hitting hard against Lohari. Rajveer is fooling Lohari that he is with her on her side, but the truth is he supports Tau ji and Simran. He loves his family who did his upbringing and gave him so much love and respect.

Rajveer talks to Simran and says I can go to any extent and can do anything to save my family from Lohari. Simran tells him his mother’s truth that she is the one who has killed Daddu and tried to kill her too. Rajveer is shocked. He comes to know how dangerous his mother can become when she becomes determined against the family. Lohari is not touched by anyone’s love. Simran and Rajveer are together and plan to make Rajo and Lohari fight.

Simran gets company in the form of Jaggi, Rano and Rano’s husband Gabru Singh. All of them are on Simran’s side and helps her in plotting Rajo. They fool Rajo and make her ditch Lohari. Lohari hears them talking against her and Rajo. She comes to know that it was Simran and her gang who fooled her and troubled her. She knows that they have blamed Rajo for all this. She calls Rajo and tells her everything. The misunderstanding between Rajo and Lohari is solved. They get united again and pose a risk for Simran and the family.

Rajveer meets Simran at night when Rajo sleeps so that no one can know about their meeting. They meet at the terrace and have some romantic moments. The title song Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai…….. plays in the background which resembles their love. Simran and Rajveer’s love is strong, pure and eternal. Simran is happy that Rajveer acknowledges her love and does not regard Rajo as his wife. Rajveer tells Simran that he did not marry Rajo and she is only for namesake. Simran gets confident about her love to reach its destination. They plan to bring out Lohari’s truth infront of the family so that Tau ji can take action against her and punish her for killing Daddu. Lohari is more clever than Simran thinks.

Tau ji tells the family that his Guru ji is coming. Tau ji tells Simran that his Guru ji can read faces and tell the entire history of the person by seeing their face. Simran is tensed thinking her truth may also come out about her education and being from Singapore. Rajo does not get scared and goes to Lohari to inform her. When Lohari comes to know, she packs her bag and flees from the house so that she does not face the Guru ji who would know her cruel intentions seeing her face and warn the family about the same. Rajveer goes to bring Lohari back so that her truth can be out soon. But the fate has something else in store. Will Lohari’s truth come out or Simran’s? Who will Guru ji identify? Will Rajveer be able to bring his mother back home and expose her truth? Keep reading next week.