Meghan blackmails Aditya to accept her love in Laut Aao Trisha

Meghan sees Kushan playing game. He asks her to join. She says mom was telling you are fine now and acts as mad to escape going back to jail, asks to tell if it is true and she will not tell it to anyone. He is shocked to hear that, but continues playing game. he says his angel loves him and runs from there crying. He also gets emotional and apologizes for not telling her the truth. Amrita suggests Gaurav to take Vivan on a holiday. She gets Kabeer’s call and goes to her room. Trisha gets sad hearing that and goes to her room with tablet. She hears Amrita telling Kabeer that she will resign from CEO position if need be as she is ignoring Trisha and not giving time to her.

Meghan calls Aditya, but gets tensed as his number is not reachable. She thinks whenever she needs him, he is not available for her. Kabeer’s informer meets him and says he investigated and did not find any underworld connection in Pratik’s murder. Meghan reaches Aditya’s house and hears a lady’s voice. She peeps from window and sees Aditya carrying that lady and going into room and calling her Swara. Courier boy comes with Swara’s parcel. Meghan asks him to give parcel to her. He says he cannot. She gives him bribe and takes parcel from him, finds documents in it. Meghan meets Swara’s doctor and shows him report.

He says she is Aditya’s patient and got paralyzed after a car accident. Meghan reaches Aditya’s house and tells Swara that she found papers on road, so she came to give it to her. Swara sees her medical report and says it had to come by courier. She then says she is an orphan, her family died in an accident, Aditya saved her, but she got paralyzed, he is taking care ofMeghan checks Swara’s case history and thinks of meeting her doctor to find out her and Aditya’s relationship. Amrita is about to resign when her secretary gives her design envelope. She gets happy seeing designs and submits them to board.

Lavanya acts as getting annoyed. Aditya asks Meghan why did she pick file from his home. Kabeer makes his staff wear Pratik’s mask and asks them to find out the culprit. Trisha comes on a base camp vacation with Aditya and searches him. Kushan plays hide and seek with Meghan. Aditya comes there. Meghan catches Aditya thinking it is Kushan. Kushan laughs and runs saying she lost it. Gaurav introduces Amrita to an architect who will work on Pratik’s dream project. Architect sees designs and praises that it is work of genius. Lavanya tells directors that Kushan’s doctors wanted him to take out for his better health.

Trisha gets Aditya’s SMS with their meeting location. Aditya is busy decorating her candles and cake before Trisha arrives. Meghan comes there. Aditya asks why did she come here. Meghan says she has read Swara’s medical report and knows he is responsible for her paralysis. Aditya reminisces operating on Swara and giving anesthesia injection in the wrong place, due to which she got paralysis. Meghan says if he does not obey her, whole medical fraternity will now what mistake he did and asks he to come with her before Trisha comes. Meghan happily gets ready and tries to go out of house.

Kushan asks why is she happy. She says she is in love and will get someone soon. Kushan wishes her to be happy and blesses her. Meghan says she loves him. He says he does not and loves Trisha. She says she loves him a lot more than Trisha and he should accept his love for her. She records him telling I love you and she also saying same. She sends that recording. Kushan tells Lavanya that she should concentrate on Meghan along with work. She asks what happened to her. He says she was looking very happy. Aditya comes to hospital. He thinks he cannot meet Trisha and cannot let his patient affected because of his mood, he asks peon to change his name board.

Trisha sees that and asks why he is changing it. He says Aditya will not come today and another doctor will look after his appointment. Meghan comes to Trisha’s room and asks if she was with Aditya. Trisha says she does not know where he is. She asks if he is ignoring her. Trisha says he is busy with his work. Meghan suggests her to invite Aditya for tomorrow’s party. Trisha gets happy. Lavanya comes to Meghan’s room and asks why is she smiling. She asks who is he because of whom she is smiling. Meghan says nothing like that. Meghan asks when will she let him meet. Meghan says when time comes, she will. Will Trisha get to know Meghan’s truth? Keep reading.