Meher and Iqbal die; Sameer takes care of their child in final week of Nadaan Parindey

Meher breaks down as Iqbal has left her and went across the border. She cries and tells Bebe that this darkness of her life can never go now. Bebe comes and Meher gives her Iqbal’s letter. Bebe calls him a cheater, you did not have any place in his heart. Meher says don’t say this, my heart is breaking. Bebe says when Sameer comes back, his difficulty will increase as no one knows Iqbal was living in his place. She asks tell me who should come back, my son Sameer or this traitor Iqbal. Meher says its not mistake, I loved Iqbal thinking he is Sameer.

Bebe looks at Iqbal’s pic and cries. She says you did not get mum’s love and Meher’s love, what a fate you had. The Akhand Paat starts. Officer Singh comes and asks about Purab. Mama says Purab is in his room. Bebe sees the army officer and is tensed. She tells Meher hat he is Iqbal’s boss, we have to hide else our lie will be caught. Bebe says Sameer is not here, he went for work. The army officer says but I don’t know about it. Sameer crosses the border and comes to home happily. Meher hugs Sameer thinking he is Iqbal.

Sameer says Meher and smiles. Bebe thinks about Meher’s hugging as if she is expecting Iqbal. Sameer says dad told me about Iqbal Veer ji who looked like me in childhood. Meher says you are Sameer. Meher says stay away from me. He says I know Meher that you can’t believe I m infront of your eyes, even I can’t believe I came back home, it looks like some jailer will come, beat me and wake me from this dream, my each day was like 100 years long, the time did not pass without you. She says your look alike came here to stay with us, we felt our Sameer is back. She says we had an enemy here. Bebe says he was not a look alike and not enemy. Sameer tells Meher that he loves her a lot, we are engaged, did you forget.

Meher says forget everything Sameer. He is shocked. Meher says why did you not tell me Sameer has a twin brother. Bebe says how would I say that my husband was a traitor, he took my son to save his life. Meher cries and says we are just good friends. Sameer asks why are you annoyed, tell me, what should I do to become prince in your eyes. He says he became an army man only for her, tell me if you doubt on my bravery. She says I know you are good army man, any girl will die on you. Sameer says I don’t want friendship, I want your love. He says I want Meher. She says no Sameer, I can’t marry you, you are mistaken as I love Iqbal.

Sameer asks her to say it’s a lie. She says no, its true, I loved Iqbal thinking its Sameer. Sameer cries. Bebe asks Meher does she hate Sameer, then why, see his goodness and find Iqbal in Sameer. Meher cries. Bebe says I m sure you will love Sameer. Meher says love is not by name, but my person, if Sameer changes his name to Iqbal, will I fall in love with him. She says you could have stopped Iqbal, but you love Sameer more, so you have sent him to get Sameer. Bebe says no, I m their mum, I love both of them equally. He says every problem has good thing in it, you love Iqbal Veer ji and I m happy, will you make me your friend again.

She says my heart is divided into two parts, I don’t understand and don’t have any answer, I have only questions. He says he can understand her pain, he will wait for her and pray that Iqbal comes back. Meher says forgive me Sameer, you are my best friend, but I can’t lie to you. They see the news that Iqbal is hanged to death for being a traitor for his country. They are shocked. Meher gets pregnant with Iqbal’s child. Mama tells Meher to be Sameer’s wife infront of the world. Meher says she agrees. Bebe and Sameer looks on. Sameer tells the pind that Meher is becoming a mum and Bebe a grandmum.

Everyone laugh and asks why don’t you say you are becoming a dad. Bebe takes good care of Meher in her pregnancy phase. Sameer and Meher stay happy as good friends. Meher falls down the stairs and is rushed to hospital. She delivers a baby and is critical. She asks Sameer to promise he will take her of the baby. Meher dies and doctor tells Bebe that she is no more, I m sorry. Sameer takes care of the baby. Bebe asks what to name him. Sameer says his name will be Iqbal. The show ended on a sad note as the lovers Meher and Iqbal died.

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