Nikumbh finally confesses his feelings to Yamini; Raghavendra unaware in Baawre

Nikumbh is angry on himself for denying Yamini’s proposal and feelings things have got complicated. He says I don’t like the difference in my life, don’t cross your line. He says he won’t tell again, don’t interfere in my life. Jamal tells Azam about Nikumbh’s anger and asks him to talk to Nikumbh. Azam sees Yamini upset and says when you know he can’t get normal soon, why did you go to him. He says he is afraid and can’t believe someone can love him, as everyone hated him and left him, no one took care of him, one day he will come back. That day he will understand you and your love.

Yamini resigns from her post in theatre company and Nikumbh loses all the sponsors with her exit. Nikumbh says we will get some other sponsor, I won’t let my dream break, you can resign if you wish, I will do everything alone, I don’t care. Dadi talks to Yamini. Yamini says she is not needed there, she resigned, his ego is bigger than her, he does not need me now. I like him a lot, he does not care. Azam meets Yamini and tells they lost the sponsors. She tries to help Nikumbh with a cheque amount, but he tears it. Azam asks Yamini to leave on his own for few days. Yamini reads Baawre article in the newspaper.

Dadi hears her. Yamini says he has to say something then any solution will come. She says the writer is saying he worries for her, but he loves her Dadi says its good, he loves someone again, his fate is bad, he has everything and he does not know. Yamini says Nikumbh and this writer’s situation is same, he is like Nikumbh, but his ego is not that big, I wish Nikumbh thought about me once. Azam says its Nikumbh’s article, which I sent for publishing. She is shocked and asks did Nikumbh write this. He says yes. She says she follows this column, the writer also hated love and took everything in negative way but now he believes in love like me. Azam says Nikumbh is like this from within, he shows the other side.

He says we forced you to tell him your feelings, we could have waited for him, we know he will not tell his feelings, though he loves you. He will not accept this. She says what about his past. Azam tells about his past love story, the girl left him and his believe in love has gone. Yamini is shocked. Azam says he is changing meeting you, I can see he loves you. But his fear is overpowering him. Nikumbh comes to the haveli and thinks about Yamini.Nikumbh comes to meet her at her home and confesses his felines. He says I love you Yamini. She is stunned. She hugs him. She says she felt her love does not have the thing which can make me admit your feelings. He thanks her for making him understand and bringing him out of his past and make me live my life happily. Nikumbh comes to Azam whistling and dances with him. He says he has confessed his feelings to Yamini. Azam is shocked. Nikumbh hides his face being shy. Azam says congrats. Yamini tells everything to Dadi and hugs her.

Azam comes to Nikumbh and asks where is he going wearing new clothes. Nikumbh says he has good news. We got the sponsors. He says he is going for meeting, don’t tell Yamini, I will tell her once things gets finalized. Yamini tells Dadi what happened with Nikumbh. Dadi teases her. Yamini says even Nikumbh got the LFW invitation. Dadi says you are boring. Yamini says tell me how will we go together. Dadi says fine, I will help you, tell him to come by door and tell us that he will take care of you. Dadi says I will also come. Yamini says done. Dadi says I m waiting for the day when he comes to meet me by the door. Nikumbh thinks about Yamini and is driving. He meets with an accident and falls on the road. She gets a call from Azam, who tells her about Nikumbh’s accident.

She tells Dadi about it and rushes to see Nikumbh. Raghavendra comes home and asks about Yamini. He says he needs Yamini’s sign and Dadi gets tensed. He says he will get her signs and goes to her room. He hears the radio playing and gets angry seeing she is not at home. He calls Yamini’s driver and comes to know where is she. Yamini comes to the hospital and asks the nurse where is Nikumbh. She gets the ward number and goes to him. She scolds her for not concentrating while driving and hugs him. Azam tells Shaheen that Yamini took Nikumbh. Shaheen says listen to me carefully now and is tensed. They fool Raghavendra and save the lovers. Yamini drops Nikumbh at the haveli to go home. Will Raghavendra find out about them? Keep reading.

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