Nikumbh finally makes Yamini bold, daring and fearless like Shakuntala in Baawre

Raghavendra finally agrees to let Yamini use a mobile phone, afterall his mum has given him a long lecture all the way to the haveli. Yamini thinks how did her dad agree so easily. Dadi asks her not to think much and be happy. Yamini imagines herself telling the truth to Nikumbh, but him getting mad at him.She tells him that she got the phone and he gets glad knowing she won the task. She doesn’t look straight into his eyes while giving the phone which creates doubt in his mind. Yamini shares the truth with Shaheen that she won the phone by Dadi’s help and she did not do anything to get it by her own.

So for her, its like she is cheating Nikumbh and his trust. Nikumbh tells Azam that Yamini returned phone, but she’s surely hiding something. Nikumbh indirectly tries to make Yamini say the truth, but she does not tell him anything thinking he will be hurt. Nikumbh tells Azam that Yamini is definitely hiding something from him and he knows how to make her speak the truth. Yamini comes home and shares this with Dadi that Nikumbh knows that she is lying. Nikumbh talks to Azam and says I know she is lying, so I will show her a mirror and ask her to tell the truth.

Yamini comes to meet him and Nikumbh talks to her, encouraging her to speak her heart out. He says Yamini means night, its strange how it covers the world into darkness, everything is hidden in it. Nikumbh claps for Yamini to say congrats. He says when you came here for the first time, I did not trust you, I felt you are afraid and Shakuntala who would fight with the world to get her love, but you proved me wrong and won my trust. Yamini shouts I m wrong. I broke your trust, I have hidden the truth. I m not like Shakuntala, the truth is I did not raise my voice for myself. She cries and says this phone Dadi got it for me, I did not do this. She throws the phone on the mirror and it breaks.

Nikumbh says its fine, you failed in the task, but you won in the battle of your heart and mind. They spend some time together. Next task, which Nikumbh for her is to make her trust on him completely, and he asks her to have non veg mutton masala. Yamini and everyone are shocked. Nawab Sahab comes to defend Yamini, but agrees trusting Nikumbh, she eats it and tells everyone that Nikumbh did not break her trust and its soya balls. Nikumbh also tells her that now he trusts her more than himself. Yamini smiles and asks him what’s her next task. Nikumbh says he will tell her later on. Nikumbh calls Yamini and asks her to come at the haveli in evening, but she says she can’t as Raghavendra will not allow. He asks her to deal with her family problems and come. Yamini spends time with Dadi and its shown how much afraid she get6s when power goes and it becomes dark. Shaheen meets Azam.

She says I have to design clothes for Mehnaz’s engagement. He says congrats. She takes his measurements and he smiles. They talk what Nikumbh is doing with Yamini. Yamini tells Nikumbh that she can’t come. He says she is useless. Her dad finally leaves and she rushes to the haveli. She asks why is it so dark here. He says come with me. Yamini asks him to switch on the lights as she is afraid. He moves far and puts a torch on her face. She says don’t joke, tell me the task. He says this is the task. He asks her to fail her biggest fear, darkness.Nikumbh encourages her a lot and she panics as she is afraid of darkness.

Raghavendra used to shut her in darkness to punish her for going against him. He tells his childhood story to motivate her to fail her fears. Nikumbh thinks she can’t do it and goes to switch on the lights, but she tells him that she will do this task and will fail her fears. He becomes glad and sees her coming out of the storeroom. She hugs him and he holds her. Is this the start of a new love story between Nikumbh and Yamini? Will Raghavendra spare Nikumbh knowing he is changing Yamini? Keep reading.

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