Pakhi and Anshuman getting closer in Tumhari Pakhi

After the hyped challenge between Pakhi and Tanya, we have to see who wins the title of Biwi No. 1 or should we say Mrs. Anshuman Rathore tag. Tanya is working hard but also being careless about the money given to her for managing the house. Pakhi gives her Rs. 90000 to manage the house for one week, which is a high amount, but Tanya spends it foolishly on hotel food, flower vase and her beauty spa. Pakhi is sure of her decision seeing Tanya. Pakhi feels Tanya will not be able to take care of the house, and also Anshuman and Ayaan. She feels Tanya is not the right life partner for Anshuman.

Ayaan comes home back from his school trip. Ayaan brings a lovely ring for Pakhi as a gift. Pakhi likes the ring. Ayaan tells Tanya that he brought gifts only for his family and she is not a part f his family. Tanya gets angry and cools down waiting for the right time. Tanya goes to a spa and gets a makeover to woo Anshuman and win his heart. Anshuman likes her new look, but it does not impress him much. Anshuman and Ayaan spend a good time with Pakhi. Ayaan tells Pakhi about his sports day and he does not want to participate. She encourages him to participate and not think about losing or winning. He tells her about tiles breaking sport and he always comes 4th in that.

Pakhi tells him that she will teach him how to break the tiles in one shot. She sees a video and tries a hand. Anshuman stops her from getting hurt. Anshuman says I m a black belt and I will break four tiles together. Pakhi gets worried thinking he is joking and can’t break. Anshuman breaks four tiles together. Ayaan is much happy and hugs him saying wow dad, you are my super hero. Anshuman asks Ayaan to learn from him and become successful in life just like him. He asks Ayaan to win the 1st position and get the gold medal for him.

Ayaan feels pressurized by Anshuman’s great expectations. Anshuman says you are my son and can’t be a loser. He asks Ayaan to keep his name and tradition of his family in winning always. Pakhi feels Anshuman is expecting much from a small boy and Ayaan may not be able to win the gold medal. She thinks of supporting Ayaan in every way. She asks Ayaan not to feel the pressure and give the best in the sports. Ayaan agrees and gets inspired by her. Tanya meets Ayaan and manipulates the situation. She asks Ayaan to bunk on the sports day and rather go to an amusement park to have fun all day. She gives him the passes.

Ayaan says he won’t go to park as he has to be obeying to his parents. Ayaan gets confused. Tanya scares him telling about Anshuman’s high expectation from him and his anger when he comes to know that he failed. Ayaan gets scared thinking how will Anshuman react if he fails. He chooses the path which Tanya showed him and takes the passés from her. Tanya wins this time against Pakhi by making her son go against her. Pakhi is unaware of this. Ayaan comes home after the sports day competition and brings a fake gold medal which Tanya has given him. Anshuman is so much happy thinking Ayaan really won the gold medal and kept his name. Anshuman tells Pakhi that now he is sure his son will take care of his business and when he gets old, he will only sit and chill. Ayaan cheats Anshuman and Pakhi and goes to spend the day at the amusement park.

Tanya is happy with this victory. Anshuman and Pakhi have a close moment when Pakhi tries to get Ayaan’s medal which falls and goes under the bed. Both of them get under the bed and get closer. Tanya is jealous as how hard she tries to attract Anshuman, his focus is on Pakhi always. Anshuman feels Pakhi’s goodness and the way she manages Ayaan and the house, he feels it is amazing. The days are passing and it has to be seen who wins the super challenge and also Anshuman’s heart. Keep reading.