Pakhi fails Anuja’s plans; Anuja promises to help Riya get her love in Tumhari Pakhi

Pakhi and Veer are amazed to see Riya’s brilliant designs. He says my daughter is an artist. She says she made it working all night, she is so dedicated, if we support her, she can go a long way ahead and become a good person. Anuja tells them that a call from Ayaan’s school came, I m worried. Pakhi and Veer go and meet the principal. The principal says this won’t work in our school, its not acceptable. He says the cigarette boxes in Ayaan’s bag. He says Ayaan got this to school today. Anuja says no, this is impossible. He says parents are responsible if a kid gets into bad company, talk to Ayaan. Anuja says I know who did this, Riya.

She blames Riya for this and scolds her at home. Riya tries to explain. Veer understands Riya did not do it and tells Pakhi. Anuja fills Ayaan’s ears against Riya and asks him to take revenge from her, as it is his fight. Ayaan burns Riya’s designs.Riya sees this and shouts for help. She scolds Ayaan. Veer and Pakhi come and are shocked seeing the designs burnt. Veer asks Ayaan to get out of the room. Ayaan tells Pakhi that Veer does not love him and even she is scolding him taking Riya’s side. He gets annoyed. Riya gets ready to make new designs. eer says his fate does not change when to comes to relations.

Veer says I don’t want Ayaan to go away from you, as you are trying to bring Riya closer to me. Pakhi tells Ayaan that Veer did not buy a new tablet, he said the old one was gifted by Anshuman, so he will repair it, he cares for you. She says Riya did not keep the cigarettes. Ayaan asks then who. She says don’t know. Ayaan says sorry. Ayaan hugs Veer ending the fight. Anuja is shocked seeing them. She says Pakhi did this, she ruined my plan, till when will she win, I will keep trying and fail her. Anuja asks Veer about the company’s finance and taunts him to take wife and daughter from here.

He opens his laptop and asks her to see the company’s balance sheet. He says I m a lawyer, I take hearing’s high amount that I can buy a car, you know me, we belong to same family, I m also rich, I don’t need company’s money to buy small gifts.Riya outdoes Lavanya in the exhibition and sells many shoes. Lavanya scolds Pakhi and Riya looks on. She says first you ruined Aryaman’s life, my mum’s life, and now after me.

Riya thinks to see Girish and Lavanya’s fight. Girish asks Lavanya is she mad, how can she say this to Pakhi, why is she angry, as her designs are not liked and Riya’s designs are liked. Riya and Pakhi come home. Ayaan asks her to repair her skateboard. She sees Ayaan and says got an idea. Ayaan shouts Maa and she runs to see Ayaan fallen on the ground. She shouts Ayaan. Anuja says don’t you know, Riya has fixed wheels in Ayaan’s skate board and this accident happened. She says Riya wants to kill Ayaan.

She asks him to kick out Riya. says you want to become Ayaan’s dad, think and decide, who will stay. Riya or Ayaan. Veer packs Riya’s bag. Riya asks what is he doing. Veer asks her to go. Riya starts leaving. Ayaan stops her.Ayaan says it was my mistake, my balance got out. Riya cries and hugs him. akhi says kids solve problem with their innocence. She says life is always simple and we make it complicated. Anuja tells Pakhi that Riya won’t come near Veer, I will not let you get any hope. Anuja comes to know Riya loves a married man and smiles.

Anuja talks to Riya and says she will help her in getting her love. She says love is boundless, love does not see a man is married or not, the people are lucky who get love, I m with you, I will make sure you get your love, take this book. Riya nods yes and leaves. Anuja thinks its good that Riya runs with this man and then she will win without fighting. She says we can’t make Riya come closer, till they know why she is annoyed, so we will show we are against each other, then she will support me and we will come closer then I will know whats in her heart, why does she hate you, then we will get the solution. They decide to fight infront of Riya and then understand whats in her heart. Will Pakhi change Riya? Keep reading.

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