Pakhi succeeds in getting the blueprints from Vaswani amazing Veer by her smartness in Tumhari Pakhi

Vaswani changes his decision when Veer calls him as a big businessman and offers him 3 crores for the same blueprints. He shocks Pakhi telling he is giving the blueprints to someone else. Pakhi reminds him of Anshuman and tries to convince him. He says you made me emotional, ok fine, you give me Rs 3 crores and I will give blueprint to you. Ayaan witnesses this and feels bad as Pakhi is shot of money and requesting Vaswani. Veer argues with Anuja and says we have crossed the limit, we have created a problem for Pakhi and the company. Anuja tries to justify and states about Anshuman. Veer feels bad.

Vaswani says he will give her the blueprints if she gets Rs 3 crores in just 2 days. Pakhi agrees and asks him to wait for two days and till then not handover the blue prints to anyone. Veer comes to talk to her and asks her to think again about the left option about freeing Aryaman and taking his help. He asks from where will it come, as she can’t touch the account till 10 days, what is she doing. He says the storm will come after two days then there won’t be anything left, this dream project will just come in dreams. She says she will fulfill Anshuman’s dream. She says I will get the blueprints in two days by giving Rs 3 crores to Vaswani.

Pakhi tells Veer not to give her any lecture as she knows he came to stay in this house to convince her about Aryaman and still she has allowed him to stay even after knowing all this. She says you try your best to shake my trust and I will be on my trust with honesty, lets see who wins, a smart lawyer, or a housewife. Veer gets more motivated to take up this challenge. Pakhi thinks what can be the password. Ayaan comes with his maths book and she teaches him profit and loss. The rakshan bandhan day comes. Naina and the baby tie rakhi to Ayaan. Lavanya cries missing Anshuman and keeps the rakhi at his pic.

Veer asks her to tie rakhi to him. Pakhi gets Vaswani’s call and asks for the money of Rs 3 crore. Pakhi is tensed and thinks what to do. She thinks of Vaswani’s superstitions and thinks to use it as her weapon. Pakhi asks the servants to stop Vaswani’s bahu in the market for one hour so that she can go to Vaswani’s house and get the blueprints and give the wrong cheque which he can’t see as his eyes will be closed till he sees his bahu. Maha ji and Sukhi try to stop Poonam in the market but fail. Pakhi goes to Vaswani and takes the blueprints and gives the cheque. Poonam comes and he stops Pakhi. He sees Poonam and then sees the cheque. His glasses break and he can’t see it.

He says he trusts Anshuman and her and there is no need to check it. Pakhi feels bad and tells him that she has lied to him. She gives good lecture to him and says you are related to only money. She says you are ready to use cheque after 10 days as the glass broke, but you are not listening when I m saying the same. She says its my promise that you will get the money on 11th day. Vaswani asks Pakhi to take the blueprints. Pakhi is glad and leaves for office. Veer talks to the investors and says Pakhi will soon. Anuja calls him and asks about Pakhi. He says she is not here yet. Veer says the apology but Pakhi comes smiling and greets them. She brings the CD of the blueprints and says she will start the presentation with the blueprints.

Lavanya interviews Riya as she wants to hire her as her assistant. Riya says she loves her designs. Lavanya takes the baby. Riya asks may I help you. Lavanya says yes, bring her feed from the kitchen. Lavanya and Girish have a sweet talk and Riya smiles seeing them. Ayaan goes for the audition and is not selected being under aged and without a partner. A guy Aditya agrees to take him as partner and asks him to lie down on ice for 5 mins. Ayaan does so and suffers. Pakhi gives the presentation and everyone praise her.

Pakhi says sometimes plans don’t work, trust and straight way works. Ayaan dances on the music and is hurt. Pakhi notices his back’s discomfort and gets worried. She stops the music and lifts his shirt to see big red marks on his back. Pakhi and Veer give a party at home and everyone play games and dance. Ayaan wants to hide it, but Pakhi and everyone are shocked. How will Ayaan help Pakhi now? Keep reading.

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