Parmeet beaten up by Rana’s men to stop the NGO matter; Soham finds Vicky a fraud in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

Bani and Parmeet go to the land where he is building a NGO for women. Some goons come there and threaten Parmeet to shut this work else it won’t be good for them. Parmeet asks them who are they. The goons say that they won’t open any NGO, and asks for construction to be stopped immediately. Parmeet asks who are they to stop the work, and that he has legally purchased this land and has the rights to do so. He says that he would get legal action taken against them if they try to stop him or harm even one of his workers. Bani says let the police deal with them.

The goons say they are not afraid of anyone. Baldev Rana, the sarpanch of the village comes there and threatens Parmeet. He says the NOG is not required in this village as it will give more freedom to the village woman and will spoil them. He asks Parmeet to stop the work as he does not know what he can do if Parmeet goes against him. Bani gets tensed worried for Parmeet’s safety. They come home and tell this to everyone. All are shocked and think what to do now. Parmeet says he is adamant that he will make the NGO as nothing can stop him from giving happiness to Bani.

Bani is overwhelmed by his words but worried thinking of upcoming risks. Bua ji gives the money to Vikcy and asks him to accept it as shagun. Vicky happily takes it and tells her that he will be back after marriage to take Kookie with him. Kookie is shocked knowing this. Rajji and Soham try hard to find Vicky’s truth. They take Anuradha’s help. Vicky talks to his mum and is happy getting the money saying they will be spending it cool in six months and then fool some other family. Vicky tells her that Rajji can’t find anything about him as he has made a fool proof plan.

Bani tells Parmeet that they are experiencing happiness after a long time and she can’t risk it now. Bani praises him for changing so much. Parmeet gives all the credit to her goodness. Rajji comes to know Bua ji gave the money to Vicky and is shocked. She feels Bua ji did a big mistake and this won’t work in Kookie’s favor. Rajji tells this to Soham and he is shocked too. Soham is angered as now Vicky would just run away and they decide that they have to nab him before he goes out of India with the money.

The goons alight an alcohol bottle on fire, and throw it at Parmeet, and it falls on the ground with a shattering noise of glass breaking. Bani is shocked and shouts Parmeet. The goons say that this is just a trailor of what would happen when someone turns baldev’s enemy, and ask him to stop the NGO work. Randip says that he would treat Baldev a lesson right away but Gagan stops him asking him not to take law in his hands. Randip is super angry that the police arent firing an Fir without any evidence of the intended attack.

Bani finds that paper in which she had written her wishes, and is shocked that Parmeet had already fulfilled her three wishes, keeping the list with her, without her knowing, but he is taking a big risk trying to fulfill her fourth, remembering the threats of the goons.Bani talks to Parmeet asking him to stop the NGO work as his life is very important to her. Parmeet says no, her happiness matters to him the most. Bani asks him to take care and be careful. Bani says that today he gained much more respect in her eyes, and that she is very proud of him. Bani is tensed as Parmeet is not responding to her calls.

Everyone try to find him but fail. An unconscious Parmeet is brought to them by Rana’s men. Bani rushes to help Parmeet. Sarpanch says that next time, he won’t be so lucky. Soham tells Rajji that no one lives at the address given by Vicky and maybe his name is also fake. Bua ji hears this and is shocked thinking Vicky can be a fraud. The doctor checks Parmeet and asks him to take rest. Bani calls Rajji and tells her everything about Rana beating up Parmeet. Rajji is shocked and asks her to go to police. Bani tells her that Rana is the sarpanch of the village. What will Parmeet do about the NGO now? Will Vicky be caught? Keep reading.